Friends are a Treasure

My friend Terry (on the left) whom I’ve known since 7th grade and my friend Jen (on the right), whom I’ve known since high school. I am truly blessed to have such great friends as these two have always been to me!

Terry and Jen


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Surf Dog!

This is my friend Terry’s dog. I was at Terry’s for a birthday party for her son a few weeks ago, and her dog (whose name escapes me at the moment!) wanted to show off her talents! LOL!

Surf Dog1


Surf Dog2


Surf Dog3

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Going Back in Time

In costume

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Mr Personality!

Mr. Personality!

Mr. Personality times 2

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Ahoy Matey! (My son the Pirate-wanabee)

Pirate 1

Pirate 2

Pirate 3

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