It’s done!

Well, almost. I need to figure out how to get the logo picture to show up on the header and I need to go back to my older posts and update the color scheme of the links, but for all intents and purposes I’m finished with the updates. 🙂

So, what did I do? I wanted to make the blog more streamlined and clean looking so I took away the left side bar and some of the images/links that I had on the side bar I  now have on a separate page. I also went with a softer purple and blue color scheme which feels much more “me” and looks appealing (I think so, anyway).  My goal, ultimately, was to make the blog more simple, readable and less cluttered.

I also added a welcome page to give new readers a little “tour” of what’s available on the blog and of course, added an opt-in box so people can sign up for blog updates and get their free eBook.

What do you think?  (If you read this via a RSS reader or email, you will have to click over to the website to see the changes.)

Weekly Goals

Set Goals

Much better this week! Now that my classes are done it feels like I have a ton of extra time on my hands and of course, I kind of do. 🙂 It was nice being able to everything on my list for a change! So here’s how this week went…

1.Continue reading  the gospel of Mark five minutes per day. (Spent some extra time reading and finished the gospel! Now on to Luke!)

2. Pray the rosary each day with Andrew.

3. Write for at least 5 minutes (of fiction) each day.

4. Work on the e-book I’m writing. (It is a book on prayer and it will be F.R.E.E.!)

5. Participate in the Clutter Busting Challenge. (Perfect timing since we are moving in mid-June and I want to get rid of as much as I can to make the moving as easy as possible.)

6. Karate lessons for Andrew.

Here’s what’s up for this coming week:

1.Begin reading  the gospel of Luke five minutes per day.

2. Pray the rosary each day with Andrew.

3. Write for at least 5 minutes (of fiction) each day.

4. Continue editing and re-working e-book  on prayer. (It will be offered for free on my site.)

5. Continue participating in the Clutter Busting Challenge.

6. Begin website changes. (Will be changing the color scheme and look of the blog. I feel like it needs an update. 🙂 )

What are your plans for this week? Let us know in the comments or head over to Money Saving Mom and share them with us!

7 Quick Takes: The Website Hosting Drama Edition

I had planned last week to do a 7 Quick Takes sharing our plans for Lent this year. Unfortunately, it never got written because:

— 1 —

Thursday afternoon I typed the web address to log into my WordPress website dashboard and found the website GONE! I got an error saying that the “web address on this server does not exist.” My heart nearly stopped!

— 2 —

For five days I had no access to my site. I had no idea if I would lose all my data or if I would have to re-install WordPress and start all over again.

— 3 —

What happened? Well, there was some kind of problem with the servers at the company I use for my web hosting, Dreamhost. It took them five days to do a file system check and then restore the data. I can’t even begin to tell you how frustrating it was. But then again, as a blogger I’m sure you can imagine!

— 4 —

The most frustrating part? Dreamhost’s lack of communication in regards to the situation. If I was Dreamhost, I would have sent out an email broadcast to the customers letting them know of the issues and that they were taking care of the problem. Letting the customer discovering the problem on their own like I did, just doesn’t seem like good business sense to me.

— 5 —

Not to mention the fact that when I contacted support, I got an automated email with a link to their blog. So it was up to ME to go find out the status of the problem. That was an added annoyance to an already bad situation. If they just had someone at the company take a minute to send out email updates, there would have been less aggravation and frustration on the customer – and I’m guessing I’m not the only Dreamhost customer to feel this way.

And the worse part is that there was NO mention of any compensation or credit to its customers for the hassle and inconvenience they went through. I thought of contacting them and asking them about a possible credit or compensation; but, since they couldn’t think enough of their customers to offer one, I didn’t bother.

— 6 —

Having said all this, I’ve been with Dreamhost for five years and this is the first major issue I’ve had with them. There were a few times I’ve had issues, due to my own fault, and their customer service was awesome. They responded quickly and resolved the issues right away; which is why I think I was so upset in how they handled this situation.

— 7 —

Now, I’m in a quandary. I am seriously considering switching hosting companies when my subscription is over. I’m torn though. I’ve been happy with Dreamhost over the past few years. However, I really feel like the way Dreamhost handled this situation (allowing the sites being down for so long, and lack of communication) is serious enough to switch.

What do you think? Should I stay with Dreamhost or should I switch? What would you do if you were in this situation? And while I’m asking, what hosting company do you use to host your website? How has your experience been with said company? Please, do share your thoughts and experience and wisdom!

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

Celebrating Pentecost

My son Andrew and I had a lot of fun preparing for Pentecost. We used some of the ideas that I found on the Shower of Roses website.

First we made our version of a windsock. I didn’t have ribbon so I used yarn instead. Also, my son wanted it hung up on the wall, so that’s what we did!


While I was cutting out the flames, he colored a picture of the Apostles. (The shapes were a bit too complicated for him to cut out.)

Then we cut out more flames and wrote the fruits of the spirit on them and posted the flames on the wall, along with his Apostles picture and another flame he colored.

fruits of the spirit

Here’s Andrew on fire with the spirit. 🙂


Here is a picture of our breakfast table setting with Andrew’s “flame-less” candle.


For dinner we had Cornish hens, rice, salad and cranberry sauce. I don’t have a picture of dinner, but for dessert we had red velvet cake with vanilla icing. Yum!


All in all it was a wonderful day. The best part of the day for me, though, was in the morning: Andrew and I crawled up together and prayed and talked for a good while. Not an easy feat for a very active, and antsy five year old!

God bless you!