7 Quick Takes: Pinterest Edition

My son’s birthday isn’t until the end of March, so it’s technically a little early to be thinking about his birthday party. However, he is very excited to be turning 7 this year and has been talking about since CHRISTMAS! He is dead-set on wanting a Transformer’s themed birthday party and wants his guests to dress up as their favorite Transformer’s character. (His is Bumblebee.)

I have no clue on how to pull off a Transformer’s themed party, so I headed over to one of my favorite places: Pinterest. They didn’t have much but I did find some interesting ideas. Many of them were for a 5 year-old, but I think I can make them work for Andrew.

— 1 —

Like these cool invitations via Mom’s Happy Place:

— 2 —

And this cool looking cake via Meredith Snyder:

— 3 —

These party favors are cute, if not a little too young for Andrew, again via Mom’s Happy Place. I think I can put something together similar but, we’ll see. I’m not the most creative person. Hence the need to go to Pinterest for ideas!


— 4 —

I’ll probably have to find some paper products similar to the ones posted by Cheryl Lucas.


— 5 —

Not on Pinterest, but on Pizzazzerie.com, I saw some good ideas for the food…

— 6 —

The room posted here via Holly Anfang, can’t be done at my house, but it does give some decorating ideas.


— 7 —

One think lacking on Pinterest is Transformer games and/or crafts to do with the children. I did find these ideas on ehow-com. And I did find this site with some ideas that I should be able to adapt to Andrew’s age group.

If you have boys and any suggestions on pulling off a Transformer birthday party (or don’t have boys but still have ideas!) please share. I could use all the help I can get!

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