Virtual Assistance 101: Benefits of Working With a VA

Admin AssistantUp until now in this series we talked about what a Virtual Assistant is; what a Virtual Assistant is not; we talked a little about terminology and how to become a Virtual Assistant. To finish up the series, the next few weeks I am going to talk about the benefits of working with an Administrative Consultant, the services an Administrative Consultant provide, rates and then, finally, how to choose the perfect Administrative Consultant for you.

On to the benefits of working with an Administrative Support Consultant (Virtual Assistant):

One of the most important things (one of many things!) I learned from Danielle is the difference between features and benefits. When you see a lot (most, actually) of Virtual Assistant websites, the Virtual Assistants talk about how clients don’t have to pay the expenses of health insurance or other benefits; they talk about how clients don’t have to deal with taxes, or how they (the VA) has their own equipment, etc. I used to list these on my website, too; but,  as I’ve learned, these are features, NOT benefits.

So what are the REAL benefits of working with an Administrative Support Consultant (VA)?

More time. Time to work ON your business as well as IN your business. Time to network and build your customer base. Time to cultivate your current client relationships. Time to focus on those things in your business that you love and best at.

Increased profitability. Working with an Administrative Support Consultant (ASC) may not directly make you money; but, by relieving you of your administrative duties, you will be able to focus on revenue generating activities, creating passive revenue streams and focusing on increasing your billable hours.

Greater efficiency. An Administrative Support Consultant can help you put business systems in place that will allow you to work more effectively and efficiently.

Creative space. When you work with an ASC, you will gain the creative space and freedom you need you grow and build your business.

More energy and less stress. When you have a partner on your side, handling many (or all) the administrative and non-revenue generating responsibilities, you will have less stress because you will not have to burden of doing everything yourself. You may even have the time to take some much needed time off!

Proactive partner. You don’t have to do it alone – even you mommy bloggers!. If you are doing everything alone, you may be shortchanging yourself  and the potential growth of your business. When you partner with an Administrative Support Consultant you can have someone who will be a sounding board for you to bounce off ideas. You can have access to all the skills, experience, talents, connections and resources of your administrative partner.

Next week, I’ll talk about the services that an Administrative Support Consultant typically provide.