Prayer for Theologians

Today (Friday) is the memorial of Saint Thomas Aquinas, theologian and doctor of the church.  Known as the “Dumb Ox” as a youth (because he was a large boy, who rarely spoke), he was in fact, brilliant. As a Dominican, he taught, wrote and preached much about our faith and is considered the greatest theologian and philosopher. You can learn more about him here, here and here.

Through the intercession of Saint Thomas, we should pray much for our modern day theologians. What they write can, and many times does, influence many others to draw toward or away from Our Lord. Strangely, many theologians get so caught up with the intellectual aspect of the the bible and other tenants of Church teaching, they lose sight of what is most important: strengthening their (and our) relationship with God and growing more in love with Him.

As our theologians seek to “open the secret” meaning behind the scriptures and Church teaching, let us pray that their intellectual pursuits will bring them in closer union with Our Lord, and not away. Let us pray that through reading their writings and listening to their teachings, we may grow ever closer to Our Lord!

Here’s a prayer to Our Blessed Mother, patroness of theologians, written by St. Thomas Aquinas, who had a great devotion to Our Lady:

“O Mary, Mother of fair love, of fear, of knowledge, and of holy hope, by whose loving care and intercession many otherwise poor in intellect have wonderfully advanced in knowledge and holiness, I choose you as the guide and patroness of my studies; and I humbly implore, through the deep tenderness of your maternal love, and especially through the eternal Wisdom who deigned to take our flesh from you and who gifted you beyond all the saints with heavenly light, that you would obtain for me, by your intercession, the grace of the Holy Spirit that I may be able to grasp with strong intellect, retain in memory, proclaim by word and deed, and teach others all things which bring honor to you and to your Son, and which for me and for others are salutary for eternal life. Amen.”

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