Ten Reasons I Love My Husband

Yesterday was our eighth wedding anniversary so I can’t resist taking advantage of this week’s Top Ten Tuesday to write a little list of some of the things I love about my husband. 🙂

1. He is committed to his faith. No one is perfect, and his faith may have wavered at times, but never broken!

2. He is committed to his family. Family is very important to Michael and he will do anything for us. Not just me and our son; but, also our parents, siblings, and extended family.

3. He is a good provider. Michael works hard to provide for us; and, although we may never be rich, we have all we need to live a good life.

4. He is a good father. Michael loves our son very much, and it shows in all that he does with and for Andrew.

5. He’s funny! Well, sometimes when I’m cranky or stressed, I don’t always appreciate his humor – and I HATE that he loves to tickle me – but most of the time I think he’s funny. 🙂

6. He is laid back and doesn’t let small things bother him. Unlike me. I definitely worry too much and brood over minor things. He can let things roll off his back and deal with things as they come. I sure wish I was like him in this respect.

7. He is cuddly. I love snuggling up in his arms and still get tingly when he kisses me. {blush}

8. He loves my cooking. As he should! LOL! Well, I am a decent cook; but I also like to try new recipes and he is always a good sport about eating (or at least trying) anything I make.

9. He is not afraid to admit his mistakes. When he is in the wrong and knows it, he admits and says he is sorry. And, he is always willing to talk things out (albeit a little loudly!) when we disagree.

10. He is cute! Seriously, he has such a nice smile – and eyes. 🙂 I just wish I had a better, updated picture than the one below to prove it!