Our Family’s Top 10 Children’s Books

Fav books

Books, books, books! We LOVE to read in our house! If Andrew had it his way, we’d sit and do nothing but read all day! So, inspired by Crystal’s recent read-aloud series, I thought I’d share 10 of the books Andrew loves the most. Enjoy!

1.The Children’s Book of Virtues. I’ve mentioned this before, but this is hands-down one of our favorite books. It is a conglomerate of short stories, tales and fables that teach many valuable lessons.  Andrew’s favorite story, of course, is “St. George and the Dragon!”

2. A Small Child’s book of Verse. Like the above book, this is a conglomerate of known and not-so-known rhymes and poems. Some teach a lesson and some are just plain fun! They are a great way to begin instilling a love of verse in your children.

3. A Child’s Treasury of Bible Stories. This is a large, picture-filled beginner’s bible. The bible stories are short and easy for little ones to understand and there are big, colorful pictures to reinforce the stories. As expected, David (and Goliath) and Jonah are Andrew’s favorites and I love how they easily portray the stories of Jesus.

4. Picture Book of Saints. This is the perfect book for learning about some of our great Saints. The biographies are short and include the opening prayer for the saint’s feast day mass. We often read this at breakfast time on each saint’s feast day; but, also, Andrew likes to pick up the book anytime and look through the pictures and “read” about them himself.

5. Thunder Cake. This is a sweet, true story of a young girl who was afraid of thunderstorms and how her grandmother helped her overcome her fear by making a “thunder cake.” There is even the grandmother’s recipe for the cake in the back of the book. (I’ve never made the cake yet – maybe someday!)

6. Guess How Much I Love You. This tender story is our ultimate-favorite bedtime book. Little Nutbrown Hare tries to show bid Nutbrown Hare how much he loves him. We often expand on the story ourselves trying to top each other in expressing how much we love each other. We usually get pretty silly doing this and ending up laughing up a storm!

7. McDuff and the Baby. This tells the story of a family who brings home a baby from the dog’s perspective. It is a short, very cute book. Very well illustrated.

8. Goodnight Moon. This is, I believe, a well-known classic. Need I say more. 😛

9. My Special Dinosaur Adventure. This is a personalized book that was given to Andrew a couple of Christmases ago my an Aunt. His name, address and three of his cousins are written into the book. There are several “My Adventure Books” but in this particular story, Andrew is taken back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. This is a fun book that Andrew loves me to read over and over again!

10. My Big Rescue Book. This is a large picture book with colorful images of emergency vehicles, trucks, boats and people in uniform. The perfect book for a little boy! Andrew will spend up the 45 minutes looking at each picture and talking about being a fire fighter, police officer, etc.!

11. BONUS 1! Spot Goes to the Park. Andrew is learning to read and can recognize many of the words in this simple story. The print is very large and the images are bright and big.

12. BONUS 2! Green Eggs and Ham. Andrew specifically asked me to add this in! Who doesn’t love this classic story? “I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam-I-am!”

I had a real hard time picking and choosing the favorites of our favorites. I may have to do a part two post! What books do you love to read to your children? Do share in the comments! I am always on the lookout for new books to read!

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