Bring Love Into Your Home


Mother Teresa Quote

I love this quote by Mother Teresa. It is a challenging reminder that love begins at home. How we treat those closest to us – our family and friends – matters. It is so much easier to feel compassion for those “out there” than it is to have compassion on those whose faults and foibles are in our face day in and day out. (Please tell me I am not alone in this!)

Today or sometime this week, lets spend some time reflecting and examining how we treat our family and those around us. Do we speak kindly to our husbands and children or do we lose our patience easily or speak sarcastically? Do we make time to stop and listen to them or do we push them aside so we can cross off our to-do list? (That’s something I am guilty of this many times, I’m afraid.) Let us ask God to help us see how we can truly bring love into our homes, and have compassion on those closest to us who may annoy or bother us.

God bless!


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Words to Live By: Kindness

I love this quote by Mother Theresa:

Our words have power. We have the power to break to build up those around us with our words. What are your words saying?

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