7 Quick Takes: Picture Edition

It has been one of those weeks…not really bad per se, but busy to the 9th degree. I am so glad it’s Friday! The weekend will be just as busy in a way, but not nearly as frantic – I hope so anyway!

— 1 —

So proud of my little guy: last Saturday he advanced to yellow belt in karate. He also got acknowledged for perfect attendance. He was so excited and proud of himself!

A advanced to yellow belt in karate

— 2 —

My in-laws left last Saturday to go on a cross-country motor home trip with their daughter-in-law and grand children. Their son, my brother-in-law will be meeting up with them sometime today in Denver. Truth be told, not sure I would enjoy being away from home for a month on a trip like that. I’m a homebody for sure, but, I am enjoying the updates and pictures they have been sending, like this one:


And this one:


— 3 —

I had a sweet surprise come to me in the mail yesterday. A dear friend sent me a Christian CD recorded by Marie Hosdil, called “Unleashed”.┬á I am listening to the CD as I write this.

Unleashed by Marie Hosdil

I met Marie a few times when I was living in Steubenville, OH. She is a very talented lady and I am enjoying the CD very much. There are eight songs on the CD; all of which have very catchy tunes. It wasn’t long before I was singing along with the music!

— 4 —

Chemistry is killing me. If you’ve read this blog at all sometime during the last three weeks, this is no surprise to you. ­čÖé I’ve been moaning about it ever since the course began. It is HARD and it’s TIME CONSUMING. Seriously, it is sucking the life out of me and I’m glad it’s the only course I’m taking this semester, otherwise I’d be in BIG trouble! It’s the labs that are the most difficult and time consuming. There’s been one or two due a week and starting next week, there will be 4 labs due within 10 days. Yikes!

Tell me, why, oh why, does an ENGLISH major need to know about this???

(Photo Credit)

— 5 —

┬áSpeaking of classes, I have my schedule for the fall term all set. It is going to be a crazy busy time – even worse than now. I’m officially going full-time with four classes (12 credits). The difference however, will be that I’ll be taking classes I enjoy: American Literature, American History, Women’s Studies and Math for the Liberal Arts. Well, I’ll enjoy the American Literature and American History. I know the Women’s Studies course will be seriously overwrought with the radical feminist agenda, but I’m braced for that. And, well, not too thrilled with the Math, but it’s gotta be better than Chemistry. Anything has got to be better than Chemistry!

(Sorry, no picture for this one!)

— 6 —

Wanna see a lame video? This is the video I took on Monday when I picked the winners of the Sons of Cain Giveaway. I totally suck on camera!

Know what I noticed about this video? I’ve done only three videos: this one, another giveaway video and one more, each one several months apart. In ALL THREE, I’m wearing the same exact blue shirt. LOL!

— 7 —

On a somber note, I’m deeply troubled that the Obamacare was upheld by the Supreme Court. Obamacare is NOT constitutional at all. I fear for our country. I fear for our religious and personal freedoms. I fear the path our country is headed. I truly am. May the Lord have mercy on us all.

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Special Family Time

This weekend we went to visit my husband’s Auntie Ceil who is ill. It was quite a trip being six hours away, but so worth it! My in-laws (father-in-law is Auntie Ceil’s brother) drove down from NJ with my husband’s grandmother who is visiting┬á from Italy and Auntie Ceil’s other brother and his wife in their motor home; we drove up from GA.

We had such a wonderful, grace-filled time! Auntie Ceil may be frail, but she is as sharp as can be! Her faith is as strong as can be as well and I am so inspired by her.

Of course, my son was in his glory in getting the undivided attention of all the adults in the house. He even got to stay up until 10pm which is way, way past his bedtime. ­čÖé

We talked, shared stories and celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday. My husband and in-laws took Andrew to the club-house pool while the others rested or cooked; and I got to read an actual grown up book for a while!

On the way home yesterday, I was so filled with the goodness of the Lord for the gift of family. Living so far from all of our family (mine and my husband’s) is hard sometimes, and having time with them like like we did this weekend makes me realize just how precious they are to me.

I was also convicted. It is so easy to get caught up with daily life that I often don’t take the time I could to stay in touch with my family and friends. I should, and that needs to change. I’m not someone who likes to talk on the phone, but that’s no excuse. The deepened relationships that result from the time invested is so worth it!