Medieval Times: The Knighting!

Like I mentioned last week, here are some more pictures from our trip to the Medieval Times dinner and Tournament. As I mentioned, it was dark inside and my camera was acting funny, so I apologize for the quality of the pictures.

The Knighting of Andrew (who became very shy and wouldn’t let the “king” use his sword for the knighting ceremony!):

The Knighting

The Knighting 2

The Knighting 3

And here’s a few pictures of the arena. We aren’t allowed to take pictures of the show because it can scare the horses, so these pictures were taken before the show started:

Inside the arena

Inside the arena 2

Inside the arena 3

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Wordless Wednesday: Medieval Times! (Part One)

We surprised Andrew and took him to the Medieval Times and Tournament. It was so much fun, although he was kind of shy and it took a while before he would even wear the crown! We also had him “knighted” but he wasn’t too happy about doing that either. I think us adults had a better time than he did. LOL!  Oh, well! (In his “defense” I found out when we got home that he wasn’t feeling well.)

Unfortunately, a lot of the pictures didn’t come out very well. It was dark and my camera was acting funny, so excuse some of the blurriness of a few of the pictures.

medieval people

Staff dressed in medieval garments.

Hawk Lady

Hawk Lady


Knight in shining armor (no one's inside!)

Me and my king!

Me and my King. 🙂

Royalty chairs

Royalty Chairs

Next week I’ll share a few pictures of the inside arena and Andrew’s “knighting” ceremony. 🙂

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