Make Over Your Mornings One-Day Sale!

Like I mentioned yesterday, today Crystal is holding a one-day only sale of her course, Make Over Your Mornings (aff). I am really excited about this because you can get the 14-day course for just $10!

This includes all the videos, work book, cheat sheets, access to a private Facebook page and more. I can promise you that the course is well worth the $10 investment. In fact, it is worth much, much more.

I don’t push or promote products aggressively, including my own, but I am pushing Make Over Your Mornings (aff) because it one product that has made such a huge difference in my life and I am confident that it will make a huge difference in yours!

Therefore, I encourage you to take a peek at the first day of course, and if you think it may be for you, sign up. You will not regret it.


Aff stands for affiliate link, which means that when someone purchases the course through my link, I get a small commission, at NO extra cost to you. However, that is NOT why I am promoting this course. I am only promoting this course because I have benefited greatly from this course and I know that you can too.

Free Download and a Heads Up

If you have read my review of the Make over Your Mornings course, you know that I am a big fan. It has completely changed the way I approach my mornings – and evening.

Well, if you have been thinking about taking the course but just not sure if it is right for you, I have some good news. Crystal has decided to make the first day of the course (aff) free of charge. This will give you a chance to preview the course and see exactly what each day will look like.

Not only that, but tomorrow, there will be a special, one day only, sale. I will give out the details as soon as they become available. 🙂

Shhh! We are in Church!

I will never forget the day Andrew “shh-ed” everyone in Church. 🙂 He was four or five-years-old at the time and we were still living in Ohio. We had come back to New Jersey for a visit and we were in Church for a First Holy Communion.

While waiting for Mass to begin, a lot of people, including some family members behind us, were talking. Hearing the chatter, a person would think that there was a party going on, rather than a Church service about to begin. All of a sudden, Andrew stands up, turns around, and says,

“Shhh! We are in Church!”

Then he turned and sat down.

The people sitting around us were quiet for a moment and then because giggling and talking about how cute and funny Andrew was for what he said. It was adorable and cute, however, I think they missed the point.

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m NOT condemning anyone, or saying that it is wrong to talk in Church, or that we should go back to the days of absolute silence in Church. I’m just as guilty as everyone else when it comes to talking in Church.

However, have you noticed just how LOUD our world has become, both physically and metaphorically? We are constantly bombarded with TV, radio, social media, news, and other noises. So much so, in fact that we don’t even take some time before the Sacred Liturgy, to compose ourselves and prepare our hearts. On top of that, we also live very busy lives running here and there, taking care of family, and fulfilling our many obligations. These are all great things but when we talk, talk, talk, and go, go, go, it becomes impossible to listen. More importantly, it becomes almost impossible to hear God speak to us.


God WANTS to speak to us. He wants to heal us and minister to us but He can’t do that if we don’t take the time to settle down and wait for His voice. More than that, we NEED to spend time in silence in order to recharge our batteries and fill up our souls. We all know the saying, “we can’t give what we don’t have.” If we don’t take the time to fill our souls, listening to God in the silence of our hearts, we will burn out.

That’s why I really want to encourage you to find a way to make time for silence. Believe me, I know you are busy, but if you can get up even 15 minutes earlier to spend in silence and prayer, I guarantee it will make a difference in your life.

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about the Make Over Your Mornings e-course (aff) that I worked through. I have always been a morning person, but still, this course has made a big difference in how I manage my mornings (and my whole day). This BIGGEST difference for me has been in the consistency in which I have been spending my quiet/prayer time.

Since tweaking my evening/morning routines, I haven’t missed my morning prayer time once in two weeks! Every morning, I get up at 5:50am (usually a little before that), do my stretching/exercising, shower/dress, and then grab my prayer-book and bible and settle in for 15 minutes or so of scripture reading and meditation. Even on the days I have overslept, I have made my morning quiet time an absolute, and it has made a difference in my mood and in how I approach the day.

For you, you don’t have to take the e-course (aff) to change your routine (although I suggest you do!). All you have to do is make the commitment to get up just a few minutes earlier than everyone else and commit to using that time for silence and prayer. Easier said than done, I know, but if you work at for a few weeks, and it becomes a habit, I know that you will reap the rewards. I promise you.

By the way, if you do add quiet time and prayer into your morning routine, I’d love to know how it goes. If you are struggling, I’d love to offer my prayer support. And if it is going great, I’d love to hear how it has changed your life and/or outlook. So, leave a comment or email me!



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