Put the Lime in the Coconut…

(I needed a break from all the course work and papers and reading from my classes and God in His wisdom reminded me of this post. After re-watching it, I decided to publish it again. I hope it puts a smile your face as it did mine!)

You know how sometimes you will hear something, a song usually, that gets stuck in your head? You find yourself singing it over and over? Well, thanks to Evan ( 🙂 ), I have had a song in my head for a week!

In Evan’s Sunday Snippets post last week, I found his link to the Muppet Show’s version of “Put the Lime in the Coconut” song. It’s been in my head ever since! It doesn’t help either when I hear Andrew playing with his toys and all of a sudden I hear him sing the song!

Some of my younger readers might not remember the Muppet Show, but it was so funny! Here’s the embedded video: