My Top Ten Favorite Cookbooks

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I love finding new recipes to try. Thankfully my 5 year old isn’t a picky eater and is usually willing to try a new food or two! 🙂 However, I often go in spurts.  I’ll try new recipes every day for a while and then I’ll get into a rut and make the same foods each week for a while (or longer!) Either way, here’s a list of my standby cookbooks that I return to over and over again when looking for a new recipe or a twist on an old one:

1. Better Homes and Garden Cookbook. This classic is my all-time favorite cookbook and I reference it quite often. I’ve yet to make a recipe from this book we didn’t like!

2. The Cake Mix Doctor. If you don’t have the time or inclination to bake fancy cakes from scratch, this is a good book to have on hand! Using regular ole cake mix from a box you can make some awesome looking (and tasting) cakes relatively easily.

3. Fix-it and Forget-it. I use my slow-cooker at least once or twice a week, especially in the winter when I make lots of of soups and stews. If you’re not into using your slow-cooker much, you might after trying some of the recipes from this book. 🙂

4. Fix-it and Forget-it for Entertaining. This is another cookbook in the Fix-it and Forget-it series. As indicated, it offers recipes for the slow-cooker that are suitable for entertaining; however, I also use many of the recipes for everyday use.

5. Whole Foods for the Whole Family. This cookbook is put out by the La Leche League International and I got it when I was pregnant with my son. The recipes are based on natural ingredients that have been processed as little as possible.  We’ve enjoyed many of the recipes in this book.

6. Whole Foods From the Whole World. Another book based on the above principle of using unprocessed, natural ingredients, with recipes from around the world. There are many tasty recipes in this book that I like to make in conjunction with Andrew’s home-schooling. As we learn about different countries, I try and make a couple of recipes from this book pertaining to each country.

7. Going Solo in the Kitchen. I got this book way back before I was married and have enjoyed many of the recipes since. And, because there are only three of us, I can double many of the recipes and still serve them to our family.

8. Jiffy Mixes Recipe Book. I mentioned a while back that Jiffy Mix offers this booklet for free, so you might want to consider getting a copy. This book doesn’t just have dessert recipes, but several main dishes that are actually quite good.

9. Recipes for Life from God’s Garden. I got this book several years ago at an all-natural health store open-house when I was going through a “raw-foods only” eating phase. I don’t adhere to the principles outlined in this book; however, there are several recipes that I still use to this day.

10. My Homemade Cookbook. (See tattered cover, above!) Before I got married, my wonderful mother-in-law took the time to write out some of their family-favorite recipes for me! Naturally, I use this home-made cookbook a lot. Rather, I used to. I know most of the recipes by heart now. 🙂

What cook book (or books) is your favorite or regularly used in your home?

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Complimentary Recipe Book from Jiffy!

In case you missed it in my post last week, you can receive a complimentary recipe book from Jiffy Mix here. I haven’t received my copy yet, but I’ve tried the recipes on the website and they are really good, so the ones in the book should be too!


WFMW: Recipe Edition (Corn Pone!)

What is corn pone, you ask? It is a delicious hybrid of corn bread and corn pudding! I was given this recipe several years ago in Ohio by my friend Rita, who was staying with us while going to graduate school.

This tastes just as good at room temperature as it does straight out of the oven, so it is perfect for taking to picnics or barbecues. The corn pone is usually a big hit when I serve it, so I think you’ll really like it!  🙂

Here’s a picture of this tasty dish:

corn pone

Recipe: Corn Pone


  • 1 Can whole kernel corn (with juice)
  • 1 Can creamed corn
  • 2 Eggs
  • 8oz Sour cream
  • 1 Stick melted butter
  • 1 Box corn muffin mix (Jiffy brand size)


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Spray 9×13 pan with non-stick spray.
  3. In medium bowl, combine together first 5 ingredients.
  4. Mix in the corn muffin mix.
  5. Pour mixture into pan and bake about 30 minutes or until center stops shaking.

Quick Notes

You don’t want the corn pone to be too “done” like corn bread or too “wet” like corn pudding; so, check after 25 minutes or so. The center should be gently solid and the top golden.


According to Rita, you can use fresh corn for this recipe if you want. Just cut the corn off four large ears of corn and omit the creamed corn. Follow the rest of the recipe as is. (I’ve actually never tried it with the fresh corn myself, though.)


(BTW: Did you can get a free recipe book from Jiffy here. You can get the corn muffin mix – and many of their other mixes – for under a dollar and the recipes I’ve tried so far have been easy to make and rather tasty.)

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