Homeschooling During the Summer: What Does it Look Like?

Homeschooling During Summer

Do you homeschool year round? I don’t know many families who homeschool through the summer months, but we do. It is a decision my husband and I made back when we first talked about homeschooling (before we were even married). If you are curious about homeschooling throughout the summer, here’s my take on why I homeschool year round and a peek into our daily schedule.

Why homeschool during the summer?

  • I don’t want Andrew to lose the skills he learned during the “normal” school year. I remember when I was a kid and returning to school after the summer months when we spent up to a month re-learning everything that was forgotten during the summer. I don’t want that for Andrew. I want our review time to no more than a week or so.
  • Structure. I want to keep our days somewhat structured, with lots of flexibility, so there’s not too much down time that he gets “bored.” Plus, having a regular schedule and routine helps with Andrew’s behavior. He knows, for the most part, going into each day what is going to happen.
  • Life skills and projects. Homeschooling during the summer allows me to focus on teaching Andrew life skills and getting to the hands-on, “fun” projects we didn’t get to during the “regular” school year.
  • To keep Andrew reading. Andrew’s a little boy who is not a big fan of reading. He loves books and loves for me to read to him; but he doesn’t want to do the work of sounding out the words himself! It can be frustrating at times, but having him do school in the summer as part of his normal routine, he is less likely to fuss when it comes to practicing his reading.
  • We can take longer breaks during other parts of the year. We take the whole month of December off from school. We also take a longer Easter break and more days off throughout the year. Homeschooling throughout the summer allows us to take those longer breaks. (We do take the month of August off as well…)

What a typical summer homeschooling day looks like.

First of all, it is much more flexible than the rest of the year. We incorporate more field trips, hands-on learning and build our schooling into regular daily activities. We only do “formal” schooling Tuesday-Thursday which leaves Mondays and Fridays free. We also take the month of August off. And, Andrew will be going to camp for the first time this year. That said, here is our plan for the summer:

  • Reading and math using online games and worksheets, as well as flashcards. (Andrew loves flashcards.)
  • Spanish using the Pimsleur Method. It is an audio program only, so Andrew can get an ear for the language without having to worry about grammar or reading and writing the language.
  • Science using some really cool YouTube videos I found and small experiments.
  • Character building and life skills (such as small sewing projects and learning to “cook” small meals).

Do you homeschool year round? What does your summer curriculum look like? Do share in the comments!