Face Your Fears!


On Friday we went to Air Trampoline Sports to celebrate my niece’s 12th birthday. One of the activities is a set of walking sticks that get higher and higher. All of the kids were climbing them and so Andrew decided he wanted to give it a try – even though he has a fear of heights.

I am not sure how he developed that fear, but he has mentioned it to me a few times. Therefore, the fact that he gave it a try was awesome, BUT then he got to this point:


I was so amazed! I thought he would stop there, but no, he went one more:

20150710_204635Then, he actually made it to the top!


This was HUGE for Andrew! I can’t tell you how proud I am of him for going all the way to the top. More than that, I can’t tel you how proud he was of himself. But what you need to know about these pictures is that it is the SECOND time he made it to the top! The first time he made it to the top I was in the bathroom (of all places) and missed getting the pictures. When I talked to Andrew about his “rise to the top” in part told me,

“I am afraid of heights and when I was on the walking stick (3rd from the top) I was going to stop, but Uncle Dennis kept telling me I could do it and I kept going. Then after I did it once, I had the confidence to do it again.”

Wow. He took an act of faith by facing his fear, and not letting it stop him, he wound up having fun, and he gained a newfound confidence in himself.

This is actually a good lesson and reminder for me. I have an anxiety disorder and sometimes it prevents from doing (or prevents me from wanting to do) things I want/need to do. But, I also know from experience that when I trust in the Lord, take the leap and do whatever it is fear is trying to stop, I do find a new confidence, too.

Maybe this is a lesson for you, too? Is there something that you fear or is there something that is holding you back from living the life you want? Then my prayer for you is that God will strengthen you and help you to step out in faith and face that fear, and that you will be filled with a new level of confidence in yourself.

God bless!


Where does Your Treasure Lie? – Saints and Scripture Sunday

Saints and Scripture Sunday
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“For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.” Luke 12:34

I was challenged by these words today. I felt personally asked, “Where does your heart lie?” Truth be told, it hasn’t been lying where it should be.

Why is it so easy to get caught up in all the busyness and craziness of everyday life? Why is it that our relationship with God is always the first to go by the wayside? (For me, at least.) Even when I make time for prayer, it is often distracted and rushed through, just to get done.

What I want is a deep, meaningful relationship with the Lord. This is only possible if I take the time for deep meaningful conversations with Him. I have follow my own suggestions for taking time for prayer, to listen to Him, and to let the Holy Spirit guide me.

That’s my resolution for this week. To focus on deepening my relationship with the Lord. To make the time to pray and focus my heart on the Lord.