My Thoughts on the Father Corapi Situation

There has been a big reaction on Twitter and around the blogosphere during the weekend over Father Corapi’s recent announcement, so you probably know about it by now. But for those who haven’t heard, Father Corapi is stepping down from public ministry as a priest and beginning a personal ministry through his new blog, Apparently this is in response to the Church’s handing of the alleged accusations against Father Corapi.

As you look around the ‘net, you will see a lot of opinions: some in defense of Father Corapi’s decision, some inĀ  (severe) criticism against Father Corapi and his decision, and a lot of speculation.

What I haven’t seen much of is a call to pray. Or a reminder to pray. We need to remember to pray for Father Corapi, for the woman who accused him (falsely or for real – whatever the case may be), for the bishops and leaders of Father Corapi’s religious order.

Only God, Father Corapi and the woman involved knows for sure what did and didn’t happen. The truth may or may not be revealed in our life time. Only God knows why the Bishop (s) involved has handled the situation as it has. Is Father’s decision to continue a personal ministry outside of the priesthood in defiance of the Church? I’ll let God be the judge of that.

Over the years Father Corapi’s preaching and ministry has touched the lives of many and have been the catalyst of many conversions – including people I know and knew personally. His leaving public priestly ministry will truly leave a hole in the Church.

(Hat tip to Cam over at A Woman’s Place, where I first heard about this.)