A Mini-Prayer Request, Please! UPDATE

**Just to let you know, after a little adventure I was able to take the exam. I think I did very well but it dawned on me afterward that no matter how hard I try, my handwriting is pretty bad. So, now, I’m praying she will be able to read my answers! Oh dear.

Many of you know that I have gone back to college to finish getting my bachelor’s degree in English. Well, today I am taking my first mid-term exam after I don’t know how many years for my short story class. I know the material pretty well, I think, and have been studying. Still, I’m a bit nervous about it.

Could you spare a moment to say a quick prayer that I do very well on the exam? I’d ask that you pray that I get a perfect grade, but I’m a little more realistic than that. I’ll be happy with an A- 🙂

After my seven weeks of preparation for today’s feast of St. Joseph, I’m absolutely counting on his intercession! St. Joseph, pray for us!

Thanks so much for the prayers. When I get done I’ll try and update on how I think I did.