A Rough Week and a Crash!

Boy, when it rains, it pours. Last week we found out that my Aunt Carol passed away. She wasn’t particularly sick that we knew of so even though she was 70, the death was unexpected. 🙁

Then a few days later, my computer crashed – as in having to do a complete system restore kind of crash. Thankfully most everything was backed up so what I did lose, I didn’t need or it wasn’t too important.

The worst part of the crash was not being able to blog or access my email list. I have my phone and a tablet but I had trouble accessing certain things with them. I think I will figure it out as soon as I can in case this happens again. And, i am thinking I may have to suck it up and get a new computer. Not that getting a new computer would be much of a hardship!

Be assured, whether I get the chance to get online, that you are in my prayers!

Computer Woes…Again….

Yikes! So I sat down yesterday afternoon around 3:30 to write up a 7 Quick Takes post for the weekly meme over at Conversion Diary and noticed that I had no sound. I checked a few settings and saw that I should have sound, but didn’t. Then I remembered a while back I had the same problem and had to restore to an earlier version of Windows. “No big deal,” I though. WRONG.

I set the restore point to an earlier version and clicked “continue.” No problems. The window popped up saying that restore was successful and it was going to restart. This is where the trouble began. It could not start up. Several times I tried but it would fail. Finally I started looking for solutions. I couldn’t get into the command prompt, couldn’t hit F8, nothing. I did have the option to do a system restore back to the default settings, which I didn’t want to do. However, a couple hours later, it became my only option. Long story short, from 3:30pm to 11:30pm I spent getting my computer working. (It’s too bad I can’t charge myself for this – I would have made a lot of money. LOL!)

I’m finally back up and running and have been able to retrieve most of my stuff back, but I did lose some stuff, but they weren’t important, thankfully.

The reason I am sharing this experience is because I can’t say it enough: BACK UP YOUR STUFF. Take my experience as a cautionary tale. You NEVER know when your computer is going to go on the fritz or get a virus or something unexpected will happen. If I didn’t back up my stuff regularly I would have been screwed. It was the same way last time and the time before that.

And at the risk of sounding like a commercial, I highly recommend you get Dropbox. It is free up to  2 GB (which is a lot of space). And you can get more space for referring people connecting your Dropbox account with Facebook or Twitter and other ways too. (Yes the link is an affiliate link.) I am telling you, it has saved my online life several times so far. I would be lost without it. Dropbox is set up to be a way to share large folders with others but I am telling you, it makes a great back-up, too.

If Dropbox doesn’t do it for ya, there are other online options for back us that you can research. Or get an external hard drive to use for back up. Or back up to a re-writable CD. It doesn’t matter how you back up your stuff as long as you DO back up your stuff. Heck, it would be best if you used more than one solution to back up your stuff.

Trust me.