My Word for 2017

For the last couple of years, I have followed the example of Chris Brogan and set “3 words” to focus on for each year. This year, I am doing it a little differently. As I was praying for my words, only one word stood out:


No matter how I prayed or thought about it. It is the only word that stood out for me so I guess God is telling me something here!

My Word for 2017

Thus, 2017 will be a year of courage for me. It will be a year of action and a year of getting out of my comfort zone. I don’t know for sure what this will look like but I know it will mean some stretching and growing on my part. It makes me nervous but I know it will be a good thing!

I do know that I want to put myself out there more in an authentic and helpful way. This blog is all about encouraging and supporting women in their journey of faith and I want to do just that. And that leads me to my question:

What do you need? What struggles or questions of faith are you having? Would you be interested in coaching, retreats or courses about our Catholic faith? How do you think you can best be supported in living out a flourishing Catholic life? You don’t have to answer publicly in the comments. Feel free to use the contact page or email me a carol (@) simplecatholiciving (dot) com.

My Three Words for 2016

My 3 Words for 2016

Image by geralt (2012) via Pixabay, CCO Public Domain

For the last couple of years, to go along with my goals, I have been using three words to stay focused and centered on what I want to accomplish. I got this idea from Chris Brogan and although it hasn’t been perfect, it has been revolutionary for me. In 2014, my words were “intentional, love and brave” and in 2015, my words were “relationships, prayer, and grace.”

This year, I want to be more action-oriented and as I prayed the following words came to me:

authentic, focused, mercy

On this blog, I have made it my mission to “encourage busy women in their walk with the Lord.” But when I look back at previous blog posts, I get the impression that it looks like I “have it all together” or that my life is perfect. It’s not. Life is messy – for me and probably for most people. In 2016, I am going to try to get out of my comfort zone and be more “real” and vulnerable and authentic. I am going to try and share my struggles and how I overcome them (when I can). It is scary but I am who I am and I feel like the Lord wants me to show that side of me.

One thing I noticed last year is that I had a tendency to be all over the place, be it online or off. This year, I am going to do my best to stay focused and work on one thing at a time. For example, one of my goals this year is to write at least one book or journal per month. However, when I sit down to the computer to write, I often get sidetracked because I start checking email or go on Facebook or do any other task first. This year, I am going to make an effort to do what I plan to do when I planned to do it. 🙂

My final word is mercy. This year, the Pope has declared an extraordinary jubilee year of mercy. It extends from December 8, 2015 through November 20, 2016. Devotion to the Divine Mercy is something I take to heart because it is very important to me. Therefore, this year I want to completely entrust myself to Jesus and be an instrument of His Mercy to others.

My hope is that these three words will enable me to be all that God wants me to be. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a feeling, an intuition if you will, that 2016 is going to be a great year. I don’t know what that means or what it will look like but I am truly looking forward to finding out!

Now, tell me, what is your word, or words, for 2016? Please share in the comments!

Three Words for 2015

3 Words 2015Last year, I got the idea from Chris Brogan to pick three words to focus on for the coming year. My words were intentional, love and brave. Now, again, it didn’t go perfectly, but I loved having the words as a way to stay focus or refocus as needed. That is why I am doing it again. 🙂

My three words for 2015 are Relationships, Prayer, and Grace.

It is very easy for me to lose focus on the importance of relationships – relationship with my husband, son, family, friends, God, and others. I am an introvert by nature and I love being along and doing solitary work. I guess that is why I love to write and read! I also have a detailed eye, and tend to be a perfectionist, which in turn, sometimes makes me a little cranky to be around. :/ (Just keeping it real, here!) Anywhoo, this semester, I am taking five classes (15 credits), and I am hoping that having the word “relationships” as one of my words, it will help me not get 100 percent sucked in to my work.

In order to focus on relationships, I need to stay grounded in prayer. My relationship with God must be first, no matter how busy I am. Therefore, I hope by having this word, it will remind me to skee to pray always!

Finally, my last word is grace because I know I will fail and this word will remind me not to beat myself up when I do! It will also be a reminder that no one is perfect and I must give, not only myself, but others grace as well. 🙂

Now, what are your words? Do you have one or more words to help you stay focused on your goals and intentions for the year? If so, share in the comments!

What are Your Words for 2014?

What are Your Words?I don’t remember where I got the idea, but a few years ago, I began, after prayer and reflection, choosing a new word for the new year. It was a word that was meant to remind me of my goals or focus for the New Year.

For example, last year, 2013, my word was “peace.” Now, the year was anything but peaceful but that word was my focus word and it reminded me that, in God, peace could reign in my heart in every circumstance.

Recently, I came across a post by Chris Brogan that suggested using three words; a word for each area of focus (check out his post here). His idea made sense to me and I decided to do three words this year to correspond with my goals for the year. These words are:

Intentional, Love, Brave

As I wrote in the post about my goals, I want to be intentional and less reactive to life. I want to be more loving toward others and myself. I also want to step I also want to be brave, to be bold, to step out of my comfort zone. I want to be brave in how I share my faith and reach out to others ways I haven’t before. I hope that with God’s grace, these words will be anchor words that will help me be reminded of my goals and the desire of my heart.

Now it is your turn. What are your goals and desires of your heart? What word (or words) sums up those desires for you? You don’t have to share your goals or desires if you don’t want, but I’d love if you could share your words in the comments.

And let us pray for each other that this New Year will be a year of growth in all areas of our life for all of us. God bless you!


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My Top 7 Guilty Pleasures

You have probably heard of Chris Brogan. Right? He’s a pretty popular and well-known blogger. I came a cross this post of his the other day that inspired me to write this post. His suggestion (#40) is actually a top 10 list, but I decided to adapt it to a top 7 for QT. And since I don’t think the list needs any further introduction I’ll just get started:

My Top 7 Guilty Pleasures

— 1 —

Ice Cream. Oh, my. Ice cream is my downfall for sure. I would eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks or anytime if I could!

— 2 —

Books. Let me loose in the Library or bookstore for a few hours and I’m a happy camper. 🙂 I have a hundred books on my Kindle that I probably will never read. I’m a minimalist at heart (just ask my husband) and frugal but not when it comes to books! I love being surrounded with books and things to read.

— 3 —

Dark Chocolate M & M’s. What woman doesn’t like chocolate?! I actually wasn’t a fan of chocolate until I grew up and discovered the deliciousness of dark chocolate. Especially M & Ms. When I was expecting Andrew M & M’s was my #1 craving and to this day I still love ’em. 🙂

— 4 —

Roller Coasters. Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I’m as far from being a risk taker as they come. Physically I have to be because of my CP, but I’m also rather timid and not one for doing crazy things. But I love me some roller coasters! It’s my one thrill. LOL!

— 5 —

So You Think You Can Dance?. Dare I confess this here?! I’ve stopped watching almost all TV, except for movies that I either rent or tape. Most TV is mindless, moral-less crap; however, I absolutely LOVE So You Think You Can Dance? ! I love all the different styles of dances featured on the show. I love the music. I love the costumes (although the lack of modesty bothers me at times). And I love how they change out the different judges each week, especially in the beginning of the season.

— 6 —

Pinterest. It’s addictive. Not quite as addictive as ice cream or books, but addictive all the same. LOL! It’s a great place to find ideas, to stay organized, to showcase your favorite things. It’s a great place to go for motivation and inspiration. You could also use it for marketing and promoting your own blogs and products. Most importantly, it’s just plain fun! Not a member yet? You can request an invite here. And don’t forget to follow me.

— 7 —

Angry Birds. It’s the dumbest game ever. And Frustrating. And the music is annoying. I have it on my Pandigital and I love it. 😳 What is angry birds you ask? it is a game where you have to swing the birds across the screen to break the fortress of the pigs who have stolen the birds’ eggs. So dumb and yet so fun. I guess that’s what makes it a ‘guilty pleasure.” 🙂

As I often do, I’m now turning the tables on you. What are your top guilty pleasures? Do share in the comments!

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