Top Ten Fabulous Scents

For her last week’s Top Ten Tuesday list, Jubes over at Notes of Jubilee posted her top ten delightful aromas. It was such a fun list (and spot on!), I thought I’d piggyback off her list (with her blessing!) and share my own favorite scents.

Image by Hans (2015) via Pixabay, CCO Public domain

(And like Jubes said, don’t judge me ’cause the list is mostly food.  😀 It’s not my fault so many foods smell so good! lol!)

1. Fresh cut grass.

This might not be on the top of most people’s list; but, I’m fortunate in that I don’t have any outdoor allergies. It is on of the things I look forward to in Spring and Summer.

2. The ocean.

Growing up in Keansburg, NJ, we lived near Sandy Hook. Sandy Hook runs into the Atlantic Ocean  and so that salty ocean smell was never far away. I loved it (Still do)! It’s also one of the things I missed most when I lived in OH.

3. Mountain air.

When I was a kid we used to vacation in Catskills, NY and I remember to this day how wonderful the air smelled. There is something about the mountain air that is crisper and cleaner than anywhere else.

4. Pine trees.

Pine trees are one of my favorite smells of the Christmas season. I could never get an artificial tree unless I absolutely had to. Yes, cleaning up pine needles is a chore. Yes, the sap can be sticky. Yes, you have to be careful of fire. But, when you walk into your house and the lovely pine scent fills your nostrils, it makes it all worth it!

5. Mulled wine.

Every holiday season, my friend Jen puts a bottle of Tomasello Spiced Wine in her small crock-pot along with some cinnamon and cloves.Sometimes she adds orange slices.  She then puts the crock-pot to it’s lowest setting and just lets the aroma fill her house. Oh, I can’t tell you how awesome it is! (It also tastes really good, too!)

6. Baking bread.

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked bread straight from the oven?! I have some in the oven right now as I write this and oh, boy, does it smell good.

7. Lemons.

Need I say more? 😉

8. Cilantro.

I love the smell and taste of Cilantro. It is an herb and is actually the leaves of the coriander plant. People really love it or really hate it, apparently (from what I’ve been told). It has a pungent smell that seems to turn some people off. Not, me!

9. Lavender oil.

I don’t generally like the smell of perfumery stuff but I love the smell of lavender oil. It has a fresh, gentle scent that I enjoy. Did you know that it also has health benefits? Yep, it does!

10. Incense.

Unfortunately for me, I’m allergic to most incense! It’s a real bummer, too, because incense smells so good (which is why I added it to this list anyway).

As always, feel free to chime in! Let us know what your favorite scents are.

(for more fun lists go over to Oh Amanda who hosts Top Ten Tuesday each week.)