Our Catholic Traditions: First Saturday Devotions

I have talked about the First Friday Devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus before, and today I want to talk about its complimentary devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It is another beautiful and grace-filled devotion that Catholics should know about.

Immaculate Heart of Mary
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What is the First Saturday Devotion?

The first Saturday devotion is a devotion that was specifically requested by the Blessed Mother during her apparitions at Fatima, Portugal. She said to Lucia:

“I shall come to ask… that on the First Saturday of every month, Communions of reparation be made in atonement for the sins of the world.”

Devotion Requirements

There are four (4) practices “required” for this devotion (all done with the specific intention of making reparation for sins):

1. Sacrament of Reconciliation. Going to confession before the first Saturday, on the first Saturday or a few days after is okay.

2. Receiving Holy Communion. Communion can be received outside of mass, but the communicant must be in the state of grace at the time communion is received.

3. Praying a 5 decade rosary. The Joyful Mysteries are traditionally said on Saturdays, but the Glorious Mysteries would be nice for this devotion, too.

4. Meditation for 15 minutes on the Mysteries of the Rosary. This meditation is an addition to, not a part of, your regular rosary for this devotion.


We can never outdo our Lord or our Lady in generosity. However, Our Lady promises us a very special gift for practicing this devotion for five (5) consecutive months:

“I promise to assist at the hour of death with the graces necessary for salvation.”

Further Reading

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I know that Saturdays can be tough. Sports, activities, etc. often fall on Saturdays. Believe me, I know this by experience. Truthfully, I miss out on this devotion more often than not! Still, if you can participate in this devotion, I know you will be blessed!


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Our Catholic Traditions: First Friday Devotions

Are you familiar with First Friday devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus? If not, read on! It is a rich and beautiful devotion that all Catholics should at least be aware of. 🙂

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What is the First Friday Devotion, you ask?

The First Friday Devotion was popularized by St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. St. Margaret Mary was a mystic to whom the Lord appeared frequently and entrusted her with the mission of establishing devotion to His Sacred Heart.

Basically, the devotion consists of going to Mass and receiving Holy Communion for nine (9) consecutive first Fridays of the month. The person honoring this devotion will go to Mass with the particular intention of honoring Jesus’ Sacred Heart and in reparation for those who do not love Him or receive Him. In His own words, He said to St. Margaret Mary:

“I promise you in the excessive mercy of M Heart that its all-powerful love will grant to all those who receive Holy Communion on nine first Fridays of consecutive months the grace of final repentance; they will not die under My displeasure or without receiving their sacraments, My divine Heart making itself their assured refuge at the last moment.”

Jesus actually made 12 promises to anyone who would honor Him by this devotion. This shows His amazing mercy and love: we give him a little thing, like the sacrifice of our time for Mass, and He gives back so much more!

Other Practices

Going to Mass and receiving Our Lord in Communion is the only requirement for the First Friday Devotion; however, that doesn’t mean you have to stop there. Some other practices to honor Our Lord’s Sacred Heart for First Friday (or any day!) include:

Our Lord’s heart bleeds for those who do not know Him or love Him or receive His precious Body and Blood. Many of us do not have the opportunity to go to daily Mass, but perhaps we can make the effort to make it one extra day a month? What do you say? Can you join with me in making reparation to Our Sweet Lord on the First Fridays of each month?

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Our Catholic Traditions: Weekly and Monthly Devotions

In order to help us grow in our faith, the Church encourages many different types of devotions and dedications. Our Mother Church also encourages us to use these devotions to delve deeper into our faith. One way She does this is by encouraging weekly and monthly devotions dedicated to a particular saint or article of faith.

Our Catholic Devotions: Weekly & Monthly Devotions

I first learned of many of these devotions when I was discerning a religious vocation with the Little Sisters of the Poor. They had (and I assume still do) special prayers and practices for each day of the week or month of the year. After leaving that religious congregation, I discovered that it was universally practiced in the Catholic Church and not just their order.

Here are the weekly devotions:

Sunday: The Holy Trinity

Monday: The Souls in Purgatory

Tuesday: Our Guardian Angels

Wednesday: Saint Joseph

Thursday: The Eucharist

Friday: The Passion of Jesus (Divine Mercy) and/or The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Saturday: The Immaculate Heart of Mary

And the Monthly Devotions:

January: The Holy Childhood of Jesus

February: The Holy Family

March: Saint Joseph

April: The Blessed Sacrament

May: Our Lady

June: Sacred Heart of Jesus

July: The Precious Blood of Jesus

August: The Immaculate Heart of Mary (the Assumption of Mary)

September: The Seven Sorrows of Mary

October: The Holy Angels and the Holy Rosary

November: The Poor Souls in Purgatory

December: The Immaculate Conception

Over the coming weeks and months, I will do my best to expound a little on the history and particulars of each devotion. In the meantime, in case you missed it, here’s a little primer on Why Honoring the Lord’s Day is Important and Ten Ways to Honor the Lord’s Day.

One more thing: for those of you who may want to know (or can’t ever remember) what days each of the Rosary Mysteries are prayed here they are:

Sunday: The Glorious Mysteries

Monday: The Joyful Mysteries

Tuesday: The Sorrowful Mysteries

Wednesday: The Glorious Mysteries

Thursday: The Luminous or Joyful Mysteries

Friday: The Sorrowful Mysteries

Saturday: The Joyful Mysteries (or Glorious Mysteries after 3pm)

A suggestion: This isn’t traditional, but over the years I have developed a habit of focusing on one Mystery over the seasons. For example: During Advent and Christmas I prayed the Joyful Mysteries every day. During Lent I pray the Sorrowful Mysteries everyday. During the Easter season I pray the Glorious Mysteries every day. And during Ordinary time I rotate the Mysteries as listed above.

Doing this has helped me enter deeper into the season and mystery that is being celebrated. You may want to give it a try to see if it helps you. 🙂


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