Prayer for the Dying and Unborn

“Truly you have formed my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I gie you thanks that I am fearfully, wonderfully made; wonderful are Your works. My soul also you knew full well; nor was my frame unknown to you when I was made in secret, when I was fashioned in the depths of the earth. Your eyes  have seen my actions; in your book they are all written; my days were limited before one of them existed.” Psalm 139 13-16

This scripture passage of the psalms had been in my heart recently.It is a comforting to know that nothing happens without God knowing about it. All that we are going through, or have been through, or will go through God is present with us, strengthening us, and helping us with his grace – all the days of our life; from conception until the day we die.

This verse also reminded me for some reason of a prayer that I used to pray all the time, but somehow fell out of praying it; then, a few days ago I found it when I was packing up somethings. It is a prayer to ask our Guardian Angel to be with the dying and unborn. I offer it here as an invitation to you to pray it with me:

” My dear Guardian Angel, with God’s graces and blessings go forth this day to be at the side of all those who will die today, to inspire and encourage each one to accept the graces offered to them for their salvation, and to provide hope, support, and protection in their final hours.

Go also to attend every unborn child, his or her mother, and his or her father. Protect these little, innocent, defenseless ones, and inspire in the hearts of their parents loving tenderness and a profound awareness of the sacredness of all life, and most especially, remind them in Whose image their child is so wondrously made.” –author unknown

(Linked to Fearless Friday.)