Saint Henry, Pray for Us!

Today is the optional memorial of Saint Henry. As far as I can tell, Saint Henry isn’t a particularly well-known or popular saint. So why write about him? Because, in some ways, he is just like us.

Saint Henry, Pray for Us!

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Granted, unlike most of us, Saint Henry was born into royalty. He became the duke of Bavaria in 995  and after the death of a cousin he was appointed the emperor of Germany. He was well educated and pious and when he married, he and his wife made a vow of chastity.

Still, Saint Henry lived out his vocation in the secular world. He was generous, had a strong sense of justice and a great love for the Church. At one point in his life, he became ill and had a crippled leg but bore his sufferings with great forbearance.

He also had his faults. In particular, he was a little too quick to jump into battle especially by today’s standards. He fought against those who went against his empire and he fought against those who caused trouble in Rome.

However, points out, “All in all, this saint was a man of his times. From our standpoint, he may have been too quick to do battle and too ready to use power to accomplish reforms. But, granted such limitations, he shows that holiness is possible in a busy secular life. It is in doing our job that we become saints.

This is why I am pointing him out to you. He lived a busy life, he fulfilled his duties with care, and  he still managed to live a faithful life with his eyes on Christ. He shows that we can do the same thing. No matter what is going on, we can still grow in holiness right where God has put us. We can still make time for prayer because, as Saint Henry shows us, we make time for those things that are important to us!


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Stop Your Whining!


The more I get to know Pope Francis the more I love him! He is a man who is not afraid to pull some punches. 🙂 On a forum I belong to I came across an article from the Catholic News Agency where the Holy Father  takes us to task for whining. In the article he says,

“A Christian ‘who constantly complains, fails to be a good Christian: they become Mr. or Mrs. Whiner, no? Because they always complain about everything, right?’ the Pope remarked in his May 7 homily at St. Martha’s residence.”

Wow, talk about a prick of conscience! I hate to admit that it is so easy for me to fall into complaining and yet what do I really have to complain about? I am blessed in many ways and although I have problems and struggles I have people who love and support me. I am confident in my faith and know that no matter what happens God will see me through. So, it’s time for me to stop complaining!

What about you? Go read the complete article and let me know what you think!

Now, on top of this, this week our Holy Father compared sad Christian faces to pickled peppers! He said,

“Sometimes these melancholic Christians’ faces have more in common with pickled peppers than the joy of having a beautiful life,’ Pope Francis said May 10.

‘If we keep this joy to ourselves it will make us sick in the end, our hearts will grow old and wrinkled and our faces will no longer transmit that great joy, only nostalgia and melancholy which is not healthy,’ he added.”

I had to laugh when I read this. I don’t know about you, but I’ve come across some miserable Christians who wouldn’t know what I smile was if it smacked him or her in the mouth! Not that I should talk, of course. Our Holy Father’s words are a strong admonition for me, too!

Here’s the link for the whole article, again from Catholic News Agency.


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