(Not so!) Wordless Thursday: Oh So Proud!

Andrew Certificate

Andrew is in kindergarten and we are using the Catholic Heritage Curricula. He loves the program and is way ahead of the game with the lessons. Instead of doing two letters per week as suggested, he has been doing two letters A DAY. We started school on August 9th and he is already finished with the 60 page book!

Anyway, as an encouragement for the children, when they finish the letter practice book they get a certificate of achievement (as you see above).  Andrew was so proud and excited about the certificate he asked me to take his picture and post it for all to see! 😀 (Not a shy bone in his little body! lol!)

Here’s what the certificate says:

This certifies that
Andrew Michael D’Annunzio
has completed the study of letters and letter sounds
and is ready to begin
Awarded this 23rd day
of August 2010

(Signed by both parents)

How cute is that?! :mrgreen: