7 Resources for Celebrating Trinity Sunday

On Sunday we will celebrate the great solemnity of the Holy Trinity. What an awesome God we serve! A couple of years ago I mentioned that I wasn’t able to find many activities for celebrating Trinity sunday, but I did find these ideas.  This year, I was able to find a few more resources and activities that I hope will help you and your family celebrate this great feast of the Church.

Holy Trinity Image(Photo Credit)

— 1 —

Reflection by Fr. Thomas Rosica, C.S.B.:

— 2 —

eHow: Trinity Crafts for Children.

— 3 —

Crafolic.com: Trinity is like a Shamrock craft.

— 4 —

Catholic Cuisine: Tres Leche Cake for Trinity Sunday.

— 5 —

Churchyear.net: All About Trinity Sunday.

— 6 —

Happy Catholic: The Mystery of the Holy Trinity.

— 7 —

Catholicculture.org: Feast of the Holy Trinity.

Do you have a favorite resource or activity for celebrating Trinity Sunday? Let us know in the comments!

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