7 Quick Takes: Alternatives to Boy Scouts

7 Alternatives to the Boy Scouts

If you haven’t already heard, the Boy Scouts of America recently changed their policy and passed “the resolution allowing ‘open and avowed homosexuality’ in the Boy Scouts.” It is very sad that they have chosen to go against their own “timeless values” and we, as parents, are forced to look into other youth organizations for our boys.

The good news, however, is there are such organizations out there! Here are seven such organizations that have come to my attention. (Hat tip to Dymphna’s Road for several of these links.) Just so you know, I haven’t had any personal experience with any of these organizations, although from resources I trust, the organizations are supposed to be excellent…

1. On My Honor.

According to their website, “”OnMyHonor.Net is the official coalition of concerned parents, Scout Leaders, Scouting Donors, Eagle Scouts and other BSA members who are united in their support of Scouting’s timeless values and their opposition to open homosexuality in the Scouts.”

This group is supposed to be meeting to talk about forming another organization similar to the Boy Scouts.

2. Columbian Squires.

The Columbian Squires is an extension of the Knights of Columbus, and I believe, sponsored by them. They are not in many parishes yet, but you can see if there is a group near you.

3. The Blue Knights.

Their website states: “Blue Knights Boys’ Club™ is a boys’ club aimed at teaching the truths of the Catholic faith to boys through Scripture, saints’ biographies, games, crafts and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.”

Our home-schooling co-op has monthly Blue Knights meetings and it is very good. My only wish is that it was more active and they did activities outside the monthly meetings.

4. Knights of Divine Mercy.

On the website: “The Knights of Divine Mercy apostolate seeks to awaken in men [and boys] the eager desire for a knight’s true calling: The quest for holiness and a restoration of the sacred.”

I’ve never heard of this group before but I like what it says on their website and according to someone I know, it is supposed to be an excellent group and worth checking out.

5. Pilgrims of the Holy Family.

A “do-it-yourself” alternate program to 4-H or Boy scouts through the Catholic Heritage Curricula website.

6. Federation of North American Explorers.

Not a Catholic-specific program, but its website states: “We deliver a proven same gender year round program experience that helps shape youth into honest, loving, Christ centered, happy young men and women in a fun and constructive manner.”

7. Fraternus.

Another Catholic-based program that is supposed to be very good. It is a parish-based program whose goal is “To mentor boys into virtuous Catholic men.”

I’ve never heard of this program and have no idea how many parishes it may be in, but might be worth the “look-see.”

Of course if all else, you could always form your own alternative group with your sons and their friends…If I wasn’t in school full-time nor taking 6 classes in the fall, I would consider  trying to start a chapter of one of the above groups or starting my own.

Do you know of any other programs that would be good alternates to the Boy Scouts? Do share them in the comments.



Alternatives to Boy Scouts

7 QT: Alternatives to Boy Scouts

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7 Quick Takes: “God is Good!” Edition

— 1 —

We own a house in Ohio that we are currently renting out. On Tuesday night I got a call from the tenant saying that when he replaced the batteries for the carbon monoxide detector it kept going off repeatedly so he had to evacuate the house. We got someone in there on Wednesday and I am happy to report that the problem was with the detector itself. The guy tested everything and there are no problems. I have to pay $85 for them to go over there, plus the cost of the new detector but that’s better than possibly paying thousands!

— 2 —

Tomorrow (Saturday) my son is making his first Holy Confession in preparation for making his first Holy Communion at the end of April. It is such a blessing to see God work in our children, yes? Up until about two months ago my son told me that he wasn’t going to go to confession because he is too nervous. Now he is so excited and can’t wait to go that he has been counting down the days.

— 3 —

We had rain/wind on Wednesday night into Thursday which caused us to lose power. It seems like every time there is a little wind our area loses power. We lost power at 2am and got the power back around 11am, so I won’t complain. Thankfully it was just for a few hours rather than two weeks like it was out during Superstorm Sandy.

— 4 —

Just a reminder: Today is First Friday and Tomorrow is First Saturday if you practice those devotions. If you aren’t in the habit of doing those devotions, today would be a good day to start. 🙂

— 5 —

With all the writing I’ve been doing, by following my “5 minutes a day” program, I finally finished a short story and two flash fiction pieces. I’m not sure If I’ll share them publicly or not, but it feels good to actually finish a writing project. Up until I finished these, most of my 5 minute writings have been mostly snippets of ideas and scenes and character development. Maybe the next time someone asks me what I do I’ll be able to say. “I’m a writer!” 🙂

— 6 —

If you are wondering what flash fiction is and how it compares to writing a short story, here’s a little introduction. For me, someone who can be rather wordy, writing flash fiction is real difficult. But I am liking the challenge and by writing flash fiction I am forced to be more careful with word choice and plot development. I figure that if I can master, or at least get pretty good at writing flash fiction, then all of my other writings will be better too. That’s my hope anyway.

— 7 —

Here’s a fun song, “God is Good” to bring a smile to your face for this First Friday: (it’s a little over five minutes)

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Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival (January 27, 2013)

Sunday Snippets

Here’s this week’s contributions to RAnn’s weekly Sunday Snippet meme (As always, come check out other Sunday Snippet posts, or join in with your own):

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7QT: The Snow, Scam and School Edition



7QT: “It’s Been a While” Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in 7QT so I’m glad to be here this week. I usually write my 7 Quick Takes around a theme, but today I feel like just posting some boring tidbits. 🙂

— 1 —

 Have you ever watched The Big Bang Theory? I happened upon the show by accident several weeks ago and have been hooked ever since! All I could think of is “How did I not watch this show before?!” Some of the themes of the show is inappropriate (the premarital stuff) but the other parts are so funny. Sheldon just cracks me up! If you have any amount of the nerdy in you, you should check it out.

— 2 —

I’m really happy that I’ve actually been following through with my goal to write for 5 minutes per day. It may not seem like much but it is a good start for me. The nice thing is that most days, once I get started I usually write for longer – often up to 15 minutes. I shared a little about my experience with getting back to writing here.

— 3 —

As I’m writing this, I’m watching The Wedding Planner on AMC. Not one of my favorite movies but it’s okay. I liked Jennifer Lopez better in Maid in Manhattan. One movie I can watch over and over again? You’ve Got Mail. Yep, definitely one of my guilty pleasures!

— 4 —

You would think by reading numbers 1 and 3 that I’m a big TV person but I’m not. I used to watch a lot of TV but I’ve lost my taste for most of it through the years. It seems like every show I sit down to watch has a liberal agenda or is so poorly written it’s ridiculous.

— 5 —

But, there are some shows I really like such as Castle, Body of Proof and Scandal. These shows are well-written with engaging and interesting storylines. (The fact that all three shows are on ABC was not expected or planned. 🙂 )

— 6 —

I can’t believe that classes are starting up again on Tuesday. On the one hand, I’m not ready to get back into the crazy schedule of papers and tests but I am excited to move forward in my goal to get my bachelor’s degree. This semester I have speech (interpersonal communications), American Literature II, Biology and Business Writing. All of the classes except speech are online.

— 7 —

The class I am dreading the most is speech. I don’t know how I am going to be able to stand up in front of the class full of teeny boppers (well, high school graduates) to give a speech. I barely can speak a sentence in front of more than three or four people. I know God will be with me and I suppose it will be a good opportunity to practice my word for the year – trust. 🙂

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