What Are We Teaching Our Children?

I purposely do not get political online (or publicly) and I don’t plan to now; however, I feel called to share my heart. The events that have transpired since election day has been alarming and heartbreaking. It is also aggravating. (Warning: mini-rant below)

What are we Teaching Our Children?

What I am referring to is the rioting and violence that has erupted since Trump was elected. I am referring to the over-dramatic response by many, especially our young people – and not-so-young people. Over the weekend, I heard about someone who was verbally attacked just because she asked someone if they were okay (because the person looked upset and as if she had been crying).  I also read about a young boy who was bullied and yelled at by an adult because he voted for Trump in a mock election. On top of all this, you can’t go on Facebook or other social media site without being bombarded by anti-Trump news, protesting and riots.

So, I can’t help but wonder what we are teaching our kids. What is going on when college classes are being canceled and counseling services are being offered for those “adversely affected” by the election? Seriously? Are we really raising a generation of infantile, indoctrinated people with an entitlement mentality?

How about teaching our children about how democracy works? Or, how about we teach them that they can’t always have what they want when they want it? How about teaching them that there is disappointment in life and give them tools for dealing with it more maturely? How about we teach them how to accept defeat graciously. I see what’s going on and it looks like a bunch of babies having temper tantrums just like my son sometimes does when he doesn’t get his way!

Now, don’t misconstrue me. The disappointments and anger of Clinton’s supporters are real. They have a right to their opinions, and feelings. They have a right to be respected and their feelings are valid. And, they have a right to express those feelings. Just like anyone else. At the same time, however, those feelings need to be expressed in better and healthier ways. How is rioting and destroying property helping anyone? How does beating up people or ridiculing people with different opinions (especially those who voted for Trump) make a difference? Those actions will not change the results of the election.

If the Republicans or conservatives did half of what is being done, there would be no media coverage. Or if there is, it would be to bash them for not accepting the results. There is a huge double standard here.  But our young people! They have witnessed some the worse anti-Christian behavior, including Christian against Christian.

What example are we giving our children and young people when we slam each other (with our words, and sometimes fists)? What are we doing by allowing our schools to indoctrinate our children with anti-democratic (and revisionist) rhetoric? Why aren’t we teaching our children to have a strong work ethic and empower them to become productive members of society who can think for themselves? Why aren’t we helping them to learn to listen to and respect perspectives and opinions different than their own?  We owe them that much. We owe ourselves and our future that much.

The world isn’t going to implode or explode because of the outcome of the election like the over-dramatic babble would like us to believe. We owe it to Trump as our new President to give him a chance, as we had to do with Obama. And guess what? Many of the events and problems which the left / Clinton and Obama supports are so afraid of have existed long before Trump ran for President. Division, discrimination, economic problems, and other issues shamefully existed before Trump and some things even got worse in Obama’s administration (Obamacare has crushed my family financially & coverage-wise). So, for our kids’ sake, we need to take a deep breath and start thinking with our heads. We can’t let fear control our lives.

Besides, we may not know what the next four years (and beyond) will bring but we know that God is control. Therefore, I have hope. I have faith in the power of God. I know that no matter what happens we are in His hands. Our children are also in His hands. So, I will continue to pray. I will pray for President-elect Trump, all our leaders, for our children, and for those with whom I differ. I will pray for those who have rioted and have caused havoc this past week and I will pray for their victims. I will even pray for the media and Hollywood elite who are so far misguided and out-of-touch with common America it isn’t funny.

So, I will pray, pray, pray. Will you pray with me?


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  1. Yes, 100% Carol! I will pray with you! The contrast between 2008/2012 and 2016 elections could not be more stark, as to how one side of the spectrum handles defeat and how the other does not. However, that’s not to be smug, it’s to open our hearts to these poor exiles, they place their faith in false idols so of course they despair and think the world is ended. They do not have the Rock of Christ to cling to in the storm; they are the builders who rejected the Stone they ought to have built their houses upon. I heard about the riots and could not help but think of Jesus being moved with pity for the crowds, “for they were sheep without a shepherd.” The riots tell us we must redouble our commitment to our Christian faith. Meaning we pray more and harder, (love God with every ounce of heart mind soul and strength) and do more Works of Mercy, both Spiritual and Corporal (love our neighbors as ourselves) . The Spiritual Works of Mercy include prayer and the tasks often called “evangelization” these days, such as counsel the doubtful, admonish the sinner, instruct the ignorant; even so, all 14 works will evangelize. If we are weak on any Work let’s pray, then brainstorm and seek instruction on how to do them better.

    St Teresa of Calcutta has been inspiring me this year of Mercy. Her life reminds us that it’s no mere coincidence that God put loving Him first in both the 10 Commandments as well as His Son’s summation of them in two sentences. For without God we can do nothing. St Teresa put God and prayer first (if you are too busy to pray, you are too busy); the highest prayer in the Church is Holy Mass. She taught her sisters to receive Communion on the tongue and to study the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I take the view that if a Rule of Life is good for the religious, it’s good example for us too, especially Rules followed by a saint. Know love and serve God first, then you will be able to love others as you love yourself. And these lost sheep rioting, who grew up in homes shattered by divorce, post abortive and perverted adults, hormone imbalanced by contraceptives, separated feom family by institutionalized education and materialistic pursuits, drowned in media filth….they need tons of love, the very love they vehemently reject.

    PS A good Catholic priest, who promoted a 54 Day Rosary Novena for our nation from Aug 15 – Oct 7 – called for by Cardinal Burke – is now calling for another 54 Day Novena now to inauguration day. It’s never to late to pray more…

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