How will HHS Contraception Mandate affect you?

I rarely speak about politics here. Politics isn’t within the scope of this blog, and there are a lot of good political blogs out there. But, today, I am talking politics. Actually, today I’m talking about our religious freedom which is seriously in danger thanks to the HHS mandate.

What is the HHS Contraception Mandate?

HHS stands for the US government Department of Heath and Human Services. On January 20th, the HHS announced a mandate that effective August 1, 2012, ALL employers will be required to provide health insurance that covers all FDA-approved drugs and procedures (this includes all contraception, abortion and sterilization) for all women without charging anything – no co-payment, no co-insurance and no deductible. Catholic organizations have until 2013 to comply with this mandate.

The kicker in this mandate is that there is NO provision for the “conscious” clause. This means, all Catholics, Catholic organizations or anyone else will be forced to go against what they believe and provide those services they object to. In the words of Cardinal-elect Bolan, “the president is saying that we have a year to figure out how to violate our consciences.”

How will this affect you?

If you work in the healthcare industry, this mandate may affect you immediately, especially if you work in a non-Christian organization. As a nurse or other healthcare provider, you will no longer be able to refuse to assist in abortions or sterilizations or other objectionable procedures that are against your conscience. If you refuse to comply you may lose your job or face other repercussions.

If you don’t work in the healthcare industry, you will still be affected, even if not directly right away. Think of all the Catholic and other Christian Organizations out there: hospitals, clinics, schools, Catholic Relief Services, etc. These organizations provide a valuable service, particularly to low income families and individuals.

All of these organizations are going to either comply with this mandate or face being penalized with heavy fines. Many of these organizations are non-profit and won’t be able to afford the fines and may have to close down. Those closing will bear heavily on the non-Catholic organizations that will have to take up the workload from those places. And let’s not forget the spiritual and economic hole that will result of such closings. Let’s think of all the people in those organizations will lose their jobs.

The spiritual repercussions of complying with this mandate will be worse. Think of all the people (and some organizations) that will cave to the pressure and go against their conscious-es. Souls will be lost. On top of all this, this mandate can (and probably will) set a precedent for other religious freedoms being taken away. You may think I am exaggerating, but I’m not saying anything out of the realm of possibility.

By the way, this will affect everyone, Catholic or not. All Christian Denominations, Jews, Muslims, anyone of faith and even some atheists (I would think, anyway) will be required to comply with this mandate.

What can you do?

First of all, you can sign this petition. The sooner the better.

Secondly, spread the word. Talk about it on your blog or forward this article. Post related links (see below) to Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. Write your Senators and Congressmen and tell them to put pressure on Obama and HHS to rescind this mandate.

Finally, and most importantly, PRAY. Pray, fast and make sacrifices that this mandate may be reversed. Pray for our leaders for their conversion. Pray for our country. Pray, pray, pray!

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  1. Excellent job, Carol. Here is another link you may want to consider:

    It’s an article titled: Stand with the Bishops Father By Shenan J. Boquet, President of Human Life International.

    Thanks for the excellent post!

  2. Actually, Muslims are exempt because Islam is against insurance. So are the Amish.

    The “compromise” hurriedly trotted out by the White House is just as damaging as the original. Bishop Bruskiewitz of Lincoln had the courage to state that Kathleen Sibelius is not a practicing Catholic. We laity need to stand up for truth and refuse to accept the lies of the government.
    Barb…recently posted…Sunday Snippets – A Catholic CarnivalMy Profile

    • SimpleCatholic says

      I didn’t know that about the Muslim, but I did about the Amish.

      I agree. That “compromise” is no compromise at all. Thank goodness the Bishops are speaking up about this issue.

  3. Great post. I posted about this, too. One good thing that came about from all of this – many Catholics are united with our bishops and speaking out. We need to teach and speak the truth. God bless!
    Colleen…recently posted…The Healing Touch of JesusMy Profile

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