Advent Meditation, Week Two: Mission of Mary

Advent Wreath

In this week’s Advent Meditation, my friend Anne is expounding on the life and mission of Mary, the Blessed Mother. Here’s a snippet:

“What Mary does, who Mary is, how Mary is obedient and LOVES God is the model for us, the the REAL HUMAN EXAMPLE of how we can LOVE God, be OBEDIENT to God, LISTEN to God and accept His commands…just as her Son would ALSO DO during His lifetime on earth.

Did Christ endure trials during His life, or was it all a ‘bed of roses’? Did Satan try to tempt Christ or did he just leave the Son of God alone? Did Jesus come to live among His creation because He LOVES us or…not?

 He IS God and He IS man, and because His mother said, ‘YES’, to God’s plan we are redeemed. Her participation LEAD TO our REDEMPTION!”

You can read the rest here

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  1. Thanks for this link. The reading is very interesting.

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