Prayer Request for my Husband, Please

I won’t bore you with the details but if you could say a prayer for my husband, I would really appreciate it! He has had some ongoing health issues but there are some acute things happening at the moment.

Thank you for any and all prayers for him! God bless.



  1. Carol,

    It’s never a bore or a bother to receive prayer requests. I’ll be praying for Michael, and I have asked some of my Emmaus sisters to do the same. Please keep us updated on his condition/progress. Let’s offer his illness to the Lord, for His will to be done. He is the healer of all healers.

    I’ll also be praying for you, it’s not easy to watch a loved one suffer and to be a caretaker.

    – Marie

    • SimpleCatholic says

      Thank you so much! He is in the process of getting a TON of blood work, scans, and tests, so hopefully, we will start getting the results sometime next week.

  2. MICHAEL Anthony DIIACOVO says

    My family will pay for you and Michael. Good bless you and your family Carol. My name is Michael and my poor wife Ashley had to drag me around to get medical answers and we have had our close calls etc. I know how world shattering scary they can be. My family is thinking and praying for your family.

    Mike D

  3. Frances A Ilnicky-Van Ameyden says

    Of course I’ll pray!!

  4. Jessintha Daniels says

    Hi Carol,

    Don’t worry about not being able to move forward. God has you doing just that. We all grow in faith differently. This is your moment where God is giving you a privilege to truly trust, truly surrender and truly believe in his plans. He makes us helpless so we are completely dependent on HIM. So dear Carol, know that God will take care of everything needed for Micheal. I will definitely pray along with you. I will lift him and you up in a special way. My gift and privilege is in praying for people.

    We are united in prayer. Trust, Surrender and Believe in his plans for it is never bad, always a good one.Rely in God alone ya.

    God Bless

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