Refund Policy

All e-Book or digital sales are NON-Refundable. Due to the nature of ebooks, and the impossibility of knowing if an eBook has been saved or printed for later use, no refunds can be given for eBooks.

Refunds will NOT be given for the following scenarios:

  • A few links or contact information is out of date. I have no control over companies or websites that go out of business, rename their websites, or change their site maps. I do my best to keep the resource sections up-to-date but there is no guarantee the links will still be there when you try to access them.
  • You cannot print the e-book properly on your computer. All e-books are made printable and they are tested for printing before being sent out to buyers. If you experience problems printing,  try the suggestions on the FAQ page.
  • The e-books have a few blank pages. All e-books are written without blank pages. Sometimes, however, the conversion from Word to Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) causes a few blank pages. These blank pages are added pages, not the deletion of information, and will not affect the quality of the e-book or your understanding of the material.
  • The hard drive on your computer crashes. It is the responsibility of the buyer to back up the files on their computers

No refunds will be given for the “pick my brain” services after they have been fulfilled. Generally, no refunds are given for the private coaching program but if you are having an issue or unhappy with how the coaching experience is going, please contact me so we can talk through it and reach a conclusion that is a win/win for both of us.

If you have any questions about this refund policy, please feel free to contact me at carol @ simplecatholicliving (dot) com. If you are having technical difficulties with your eBook, and the FAQ doesn’t help, please contact me at the above email address. I’ll do my best to help!


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