Disclosure Policy

You may or may not already know this, but the FTC recently ruled that all bloggers must disclose when they are being compensated for things posted on their blog. So, for the sake of transparency, here are some of the ways I am or may be compensated in the future.

Affiliate Links/Sales: I will, when appropriate, include affiliate links for products or services that I recommend and use myself. What does this mean? It means that when you click on an affiliate link, and decide to buy that product or service, I get a small compensation for sending you to that website. This compensation may be money or in some cases, I’ll get more free or increased services.

For example: I am an affiliate for Amazon. When you click on a book or product that is linked to the Amazon website, and decide to buy said book or product, I get a (much appreciated!) kickback on the sale. Go here to learn more about Amazon’s associate program.

As another example, I absolutely adore Swagbucks and have added a Swagbucks banner to my sidebar. Whenever someone signs up for Swagbucks  I earn referral “Swagbucks” that are added to my account. These “bucks” are can be redeemed for prizes.

How do you tell if a link is an affiliate or not? Simply check out the address bar in your browser. If you see the link address that reads something like http//www.theaffiliatewebsite.com/abc123 (the product’s web address followed by a bunch of letters and/or numbers), it is most likely an affiliate link.

Advertisements: How this works is, if you click on an advertisement on my site, than I will get a small monetary compensation in return for your click. The most common example of this is Google AdSense. Be rest assured that your privacy is very important, and you can read my privacy policy here at any time.

Free Stuff: I’m really hoping this DOES  happen, because I love getting free stuff. 🙂 Who doesn’t??!! Anyway, there may be times when someone will give me a product or service for free in exchange for writing a review of it for my blog. Be rest assured that the content of said possible reviews (or any content on this blog) will never be influenced by any compensation that may be received.

To read my disclosure policy any time, just click the “disclosure policy” link on the top toolbar on every page, click the “A” icon on the bottom of every blog post (next to the comment link) or click the “disclosure policy ” link on the footer toolbar at the bottom of every page.

If you have any questions about my disclosure policy – or about anything on this site – do not hesitate to contact me at carol (at) simplecatholicliving (dot) com or fill out the message form.

(P.S. If you are interested in having me review a product or service for you, email me at the above email and I will  send you my physical address.)


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