7 Ways to Honor the Blessed Mother in May

May will be upon us soon and it is traditionally the “Month of Mary” in the Catholic Church.

Mother Mary(Photo Credit)

Here are some simple ways you can honor her his month:

— 1 —

Daily Mass. The absolute best way to honor the Blessed Mother is to honor, love and worship her Son. If you can, try to make an extra effort to get to daily mass. If you can’t make it everyday, try to go a couple of times during the week.

— 2 —

Pray the Rosary. The rosary is one of the most powerful prayer on earth. Try and pray the rosary every day. Pray as a family as often as you can.

— 3 —

May crowning. If your parish (or a parish nearby) does a May crowning, do try to attend. Often there is a small procession and prayers but it isn’t usually too long. But, it is a lovely way to show Mother Mary our love for her.

— 4 —

Pray a novena. I found a beautiful prayer that you can say each day in the month of May. I am also doing a daily devotional starting May first that I hope will help guide your devotion to Our Lady this month.

— 5 —

Take a pilgrimage. If there is a Marian shrine not too far from you, going for a visit or day of recollection would be a wonderful way to honor the Blessed Mother. Some shrines offer different Marian devotions during May that you could participate in if it fits your schedule

— 6 —

Short aspirations. As you go about your busy day, try to lift your heart up to the Lord and Our Lady and whisper a little prayer. Any of the invocations of the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary would make excellent aspirations.

One thing I do to help me remember to do this is to put small “sticky” notes discretely around the house. When I see them it reminds me to say a short prayer.

— 7 —

May flowers. If you have a statue of the Blessed Mother, why not put some flowers at her feet? It’s a sweet way to honor Our Lady and let her know you are thinking of her.

What are your suggestions to help us honor Our Lady in May? Do share your suggestions and thoughts in the comment box!

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