Top Ten Favorite Christian Music Artists

A lot of people enjoy listening to Christian music so I thought I’d share some of my current favorites.  I’m always on the look out for great Christian musics, so if you have any suggestions, do share… 🙂

1. Avalon. Well, I actually only have one album of theirs: “Testify to Love: The Very Best of Avalon” but I absolutely love it! I listen to this over and over again! One of my all-time favorite Christian Albums.

2. Mark Mallet. I’ve mentioned Mark before. Besides his blog, though, he has a music ministry. His voice is amazing and when I pray along with his rosary CD, I am transported right into heaven!

3. Casting Crowns. What can I say? Casting Crown rocks! ;)  Get a taste of their latest song “Until the Whole World Hears” in video on their official website.

4. Mercy Me. My mother introduced me to Mercy Me a couple of years ago. I am so glad she did! You can find more about them here.

5. Dana. You may be familiar with Dana. She performed for Pope John Paul II back when he visited the United States. I got to meet her briefly during the Youth 2000 event the late Cardinal O’Connor hosted in 2000. I love her soothing voice (even when singing “fast’ songs!).

6. Third Day. I’m not a huge fan of rock music; but, I’ve been a big fan of Third Day for a long time. One of my favorite songs from this is the well-known “Cry Out to Jesus.” They have a new album coming out in October and I can’t wait to check it out.

7. Jars of Clay. Although Jars of Clay have been around for a long time, I’ve just recently discovered their music. They have some really good songs.

8. John Michael Talbot. I love John Michael Talbot’s soulful voice. Listening to his music lifts my soul into heaven and many of his songs have helped me enter into a prayer.

9. Critical Mass. What a little edge to your Christian music? Critical Mass has it. 🙂 They are another group that whose music I’ve just discovered, but so far I like what I’ve heard.

10. Francis Koerber. If you enjoy sacred music, you will love Francis Koerber. He is a composer of original ( and very beautiful!) sacred music. You can listen to his music here.

(Add your list to Top Ten Tuesday.)

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