Ten Odd Search Terms That Reached This Blog

search resultsWho doesn’t love reading their blog stats? I do! It is fun watching the viewer count (a little too!) slowly go up (with some dips, too). One of the things I’ve noticed, when checking out the stats, is some of the strange terms that people have used to get to my blog.

As way of example, here are some of the search terms people have used who have found my site. Most of these aren’t “way out there” per se or particularly funny, but I thought they were strange. Odder still is that all of these terms were searched at least two or more times!

1. Purchase chlorine resistant.

2. History of.

3. Bikini Catholic.

4. Search throat.

5. Philadelphia pressure washing intext:posted.

6. Big pants.

7. How to build teens.

8. Potato pancake church.

9. Eggtastic.

10. Who do you.

What about you? What strange search terms have people used to get to your blog?

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  1. I usually have hits from recipes that I’ve posted but one odd one that recently came up was ‘vicky sour milk’. I have no idea why my blog popped up on google for that one!
    betsy…recently posted…Living in TexasMy Profile

  2. Samantha @ KrativeKaring says

    Lmao, people can be so funny


  3. I’m especially curious about numbers 5, 8 and 9 on your list. And what in the world is a ‘potato pancake church’? Is that their sacrament? 😉

    You just never know what people will type into a search engine sometimes. Folks can have weird tastes and ideas…

    Now you’ve got me wondering if anyone has stumbled onto my blog while looking up a strange topic.

    Evan…recently posted…Healthier HomileticsMy Profile

    • SimpleCatholic says

      Ha! Maybe it IS their sacrament. LOL!

      If you have WordPress you should be able to find your stats easy enough with the jetpack plugin.

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