Catholic Prayer Journal for Women

Take Your Prayer time to the next level!

Catholic Prayer Journal for Women

From the Book Description

“Do you easily get distracted when you pray? Do you want your prayer time to be more focused and effective? Do you want to look forward to your prayer time and make it more fun?

If so, then the Catholic Prayer Journal for Women is for you. Each Section is designed with lots of writing and drawing spaces,  writing prompts, and images to inspire you and encourage you during your time of prayer.”

My Comments

If you spend any time on this blog at all, you know that prayer, and the importance of prayer, is a frequent subject of conversation. That is because if you are going to have a relationship with the Lord at all then prayer must take center stage.

But you are busy. I know. And often prayer falls by the wayside more often than not. That is why I created the Catholic Prayer Journal for Women. The intention of this journal is to help you get (and stay) focused during prayer, to help you enjoy your prayer time and to have a log that you can look back to. As you write, you can go back to see how your prayers have been answered, how you have grown in your spiritual life, and more.

I pray that this journal will be a blessing to you and an instrument to bring you ever closer to our loving and most glorious God!

To Buy

Catholic Prayer Journal for Women SAMPLE (first 18 pages, free)

You can get the paperback version on Amazon by going here. ($14.95)

You can get the printable PDF version on Gumroad by going here. ($10.00)