An Unconventional Use for Dryer Sheets: Repel Bugs!

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Bugs just love me. :/ I don’t know why but all during spring/summer the mosquitos attack me like crazy. I have tried almost every product out there but nothing seems to work in fending them off. Seriously, I have tried all kinds of bugs sprays, wipes, and traps but nothing seems to work. Most recently, I gave Avon’s “Skin so soft” a try because I heard that it works to repel bugs. The product did a great job on my dry skin but not so well as a bug repellent.


However, recently, when I was hanging out with my family at the local pool club and waiting for the fireworks to start, my sister started handing out dryer sheets.

Crazy, right, but they actually worked! She told me to rub myself down with the sheet and then put the sheet down my shirt (in my bra). I looked at her like she was absolutely nuts but I dd it, and I have to say it worked beautifully!

Now, in full disclosure, I had put on the “Skin so Soft” earlier in the day, and had sprayed bug repellent on a little while before they dryer sheets; therefore, I don’t know if it was the combination of the three things, or not, but they left me alone! (Of course, there is the possibility that there were no bugs out, but not likely!) For once, I didn’t spend the whole time I was out scratching like a  maniac. I also don’t know how effective the dryer sheet will be on their own, but I will be giving them another try!

If you are “bug prone” like me, this might be worth a try. And if you do, let me know how they work for you. What are your methods at keeping the bugs at bay during the summer months? I’d love to hear them so leave your suggestions in the comments!

UPDATE: I have used this method again and can say for sure that it works well. For me, it works best in combination with the “Skin so Soft” and bug spray. It works well on its own but best with the other products.


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  1. stay inside!!!!! LOL

  2. SimpleCatholic says

    LOL! Too bad that’s not always do-able or practical!

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