Getting Boys to Read Advice Update

Two months ago I asked for some advice on how to get my son to practice his reading. All the support and suggestions that I got from so many people in the comments, emails and calls were so helpful and overwhelming. I can’t tell  you how much that support meant to me. I was so relieved that I wasn’t alone in my struggles and gleaned so many useful tips. so THANK YOU to everyone for reaching out!

To update: Things have been SO MUCH BETTER!! First of all, I took a few days off of school just to regroup and take a break. A few days later, my son came to me and said, “Mama, can we use a different book for reading instead of the school books?” I said sure, and he picked out the book he wanted to read and the reading practice was like a miracle in action! He read through the book with no problems and when he came to words he didn’t understand, he tried his best to sound it out. WOW! I almost hit the floor! 🙂 From then on, I’ve let him pick the books he wants to read and we use them for reading practice. He still has his moments, mind you, but things are so much better than they were.

As for me, I’ve been able to relax a lot more and enjoy the process of teaching/reading my son. That’s made a big difference in both of us. Before, I was so concerned about making sure he was learning what he “supposed to” and being at the level I thought he should be – especially since he is more advanced in the math. I’m  not so worried about that any more. He will learn what he needs to in due time and that’s enough for me now. 🙂


  1. my oldest son loved to read, but his personality is a lot like mine, and w/being the 1st we had more time to read to him. the youngest hated it! He said it wasted to much time! LOL. I tried books geared for his age, and let him pick out stories, ect… he really never found that love but his brother load him a book in high school that was a combination of short stories & then he started to read. He did have to do a lot of reading esp to further his education, but I still do not think he loves books as much as his brother. mom & finally his dad is now a reader… good luck! I think you are on the right track.
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    • SimpleCatholic says

      Your story with your boys sounds similar to me and my sister’s when we were growing up. I was the reader and loved being read to, and my sister is the one who thought reading is a waste of time. 🙂

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