Our Home Education Curriculum 2012-2013

Our Home Education 2012-2013

For kindergarten and first grade with used the complete Catholic Heritage Curricula. As I mentioned in my review of the program, I was very pleased with the program and was going to continue with Catholic Heritage for a few more years at least. I’ve changed my mind.

Oh, I’m still pleased with the program. I would still recommend Catholic Heritage to others. I kind of wish I could use the program again. The more I’ve prayed over it and reflected about our home education experience up until recently, though, I realized that I needed to make a change. A big change. The thing is, as much as I loved the program, it didn’t fit our needs, or Andrew’s way of learning or even Andrew’s personality.

So this year, I’ve put together my own home education program based on the Charlotte Mason method of teaching. I chose this method because I like the gentle, hands-on method of teaching, the short time periods for each lesson and the emphasis on living books and narration. I think this method will work well with Andrew. As a matter of fact, when I started showing Andrew what he will be doing for school he was so excited he wanted to skip camp and start school right away!

To put my curriculum together, I relied heavily on the inspiration and suggestions of the following websites: Simple Charlotte Mason,
The Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Scheduling, and Simply Convivial’s Homeschooling Planning, A year at a time series. I also used FiveJs year-at-a-glance calendar to get an overview of the whole school year. I am also adapting my own version of Amongst Lovely Things color-coded progress list, however, I am using last year’s version which I think will work better for me.

So, without further ado, Here is our plan for Andrew’s second grade curriculum:


Religious Education:

Bible Memorization (5 minutes)

Bible Reading (5-10 Minutes)

Little Acts of Grace (10-15 minutes)

Memorize the Apostle’s Creed (5-10 Minutes)


Right-Start Mathematics (20 minutes)

Chore payment counting and sorting (save, give, spend)

Language Arts:

“Delightful Reading” and spelling using my adapted method (15 minutes) – I am planning on getting the full curriculum for this soon. It just isn’t in our budget quite yet.

Handwriting practice by doing copy work (10 minutes)

Composition: (Writing a sentence or paragraph on a subject of choice. 5-10 minutes)

Narration: Reading a chapter from a book and having Andrew explain it back in his own words. (20-30 minutes)

Literature: Read-alouds as per our compiled list (done as part as our night-time routine. (Here’s the pdf if you want to print it to use for your family)


Pimsleur Spanish DVDs (30 minutes)

Physical Education:

Free play and/or directed play + weekly karate and weekly Co-op gym class


Drawing, sculpting, coloring, etc. (30 minutes)

Trice Weekly


Guest Hollow’s Little Otter’s home-school curriculum (30 minutes)


American History:

From Sea to Shining Sea for Children (30 minutes)

Supplemental videos and DVDs


Scrambled States of America the book and the board game.

Art Appreciation/biographies of artists:

Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Pierre Auguste Renoir (30 minutes)

Music/Music Appreciation:

Bach, Mozart, Beethoven (30 minutes)


CCD and First Communion Prep on Tuesdays 4-5 pm

Home-school co-op on Fridays 1-3pm

In case you want to print out this schedule in order to adapt for yourself, here’s a pdf copy of the curriculum in list form and a pdf copy in chart form.

I haven’t completely fleshed out all the books I will be using, especially for handwriting, composition and narration, but I have some idea. I will probably add these as we go along.

My next step is going to be putting together a daily schedule so I can figure out how I am going to fit in our home education with me going to back to college full time. It is going to be tight, but with God’s help it will work out! When I have the daily schedule finished I’ll put it up for you.

How about you? Is your home education curriculum solidified yet? What programs or curriculum are you using? Do share in the comments.



  1. I know little about home schooling, but as someone who loves to teach kids, I know how important it is to find the right key to excite a child about a subject. I’m teaching beginning Latin to 3 homeschoolers aged 8-11. We are using Prima Latina and supplementing with “Minimus”, a beginning Latin cartoon/storybook about Vindolanda, a Roman settlement/fort near Hadrian’s wall. The kids love it and the two approaches complement each other. Plus I am adding in techniques of my own devising such as teaching the children to sing the doxology. It’s fun.
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    • SimpleCatholic says

      If I lived near you, I’d pay you to teach Andrew Latin.

      He really wants to learn, but the spanish lessons were given as a gift and more doable for us at the moment. I heard good things about prima Latina, though.

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