Virtual Assistance 101: Services a Virtual Assistant may Provide

Admin AssistantIn all truth, the services that a Virtual Assistant (Administrative Support Consultant) provides will depend largely on your particular needs and the skill set and knowledge of the administrative professional with whom you choose to work. That doesn’t mean that you have to partner with someone who doesn’t have all the skills you are looking for, as long as she is willing to learn and grow in her knowledge (which most are!).

At the same time, the services that can be rendered by an Administrative Support Consultant is only limited by your imagination! When you first start working with your Consultant, you will usually come up with an immediate plan of action; and then, as you grow in your partnership and relationship, more things will be discovered that she can take over for you.

Having said all this, I am going to you a general idea of some of the things that can be taken off your plate:

Writing services. Documentation creation and formatting; proofreading and editing; researching; and ghostwriting.

Travel arrangements. Booking airline tickets; car rental or limo services; hotel booking; and provide detailed itinerary summary.

Customer and vendor relations. Answer questions of customers and vendors; find sponsors and products for promotions and giveaways; create and maintain registrations for any classes you may have; deal with payments and problems.

Social Media Management. Promote events or products on Facebook pages, Twitter and other social media sites; maintain current profiles; automate status updates where appropriate.

Other services: Look for ways to promote client; reminders of important dates; keep a detailed schedule for client; order gifts; be a sounding board and resource.

Some Administrative Consultants also provide separate service offerings that have different listing prices depending on their special skill set such as: WordPress Assistance; Facebook Page creation and customizing; shopping cart assistance; email marketing; etc.

If you don’t already know the services you need or looking for, a quick read through different websites of Administrative Support Consultants and VAs will give you quite a list of of services! Or, if you have a particular need, but don’t see it on the website of an administrative professional you may want to work with, just ask. Most would be more than willing to either provide that particular service for you or direct you to someone who can. 🙂

Next week, I’m going to delve into something you may be already curious about: rates!

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  1. Carol, I’d love to provide writing and editing services as you have mentioned above, but that’s all. I don’t know how to go about getting clients, though. I have 12 years of experience in writing and publishing a monthly newsletter for two different Traditional Latin Mass groups. Before that in the early 1990s, I wrote and published a monthly newsletter for a national dog club. With my various health issues, this narrow field works well for me, but I don’t see myself falling into the broader category of VA. Thanks for writing about this.

    • SimpleCatholic says

      Marketing and getting clients, especially in the beginning, is so hard! Have you tried listing yourself in proofreading directories or elance? I wish you luck and hope you get clients soon.

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