Virtual Assistance 101: How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Now that we’ve talked about what a Virtual Assistant is and what a Virtual Assistant is not, today we are going to talk about how to become a Virtual Assistant.

Like I mentioned before, a Virtual Assistant is a career choice, not some quick way to make a buck from home. It takes soft and hard skills, competency, hard work and consistency to build a successful business.

It also takes a change of mindset – especially for those who have been worn down by the corporate world. You need to act the part of the business owner that you are (or going to be). If you run your business as an employee, or allow your clients (and potential clients) to treat you as if you are an employee, you will not have the successful, fulfilling business you want.

You have the skill set and ready to build a business, so now what?

If you do a quick search around the ‘net, you’ll find a TON of advice, suggestions and programs – all designed to “help” you build your Virtual Assistant business. But the truth is, most of the advice you find online is crap and not worth your time or money. And worse, a lot of said advice is given by people who aren’t even Virtual Assistants themselves.

So, where do you go for help in building your business? I HIGHLY recommend you go to the same two women who taught me everything I know about Virtual Assistance: Anastacia Brice and Danielle Keister.

These two women are different in personality and style; and yet, both of these women have been absolutely invaluable in helping me build my business. They are my heroes and mentors. I respect them very much and am deeply grateful to both of them.

Anastacia Brice is the foundress of the Virtual Assistant industry and creator of AssistU, the premier organization for training new Virtual Assistants. I was blessed to have gone through the Assistu training program which gave me a solid foundation under my business. Graduates also have access to an amazing, ongoing supportive community for continued support in building your VA business. (Currently, Anastacia is in the process of revamping the virtual training program; but, she has put together a “Smart VA Starter Series” for those who don’t want to wait for the program to be finished.)

Danielle Keister is a veteran Administrative Consultant extraordinaire and creator of the Administrative Consultants Association. The Administrative Consultants Association is an online community and resource center for administrative experts. Danielle offers her expertise and knowledge to help others create successful and satisfying careers as an Administrative Consultant (a.k.a. Virtual Assistant – but more on the difference between a VA and ASC next week!). Her “straight-shooting advice” and value pricing business model has transformed my business!

In short, if you are looking to be a truly successful Virtual Assistant RUN, DON’T WALK, to Assistu and ACA!

(Confused about the switch from “Virtual Assistant” to “Administrative Consultant” in my post this week? Next week I’ll explain why I’ve stopped using the term “Virtual Assistant” and now use “Administrative Support Consultant” [thanks to Danielle Keister, who coined the term] instead.)



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  2. I am enjoying learning about this. Thanks for the education.

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