Guest Post: Influencing Love in a Young Generation

Editor’s Note: Enjoy this personal reflection from one of my readers, Sierra:

When I think of whom I have become today, I know I wouldn’t have achieved nearly as much or loved nearly as much if not for my mom and dad. Being raised by parents who truly care is a blessing by God, and I thank God every single day for my mama and daddy. Because my parents are so gentle and kind, my only hope for every child is that they too have been blessed with a mom and a dad as great as mine. Sure, I’m biased, but my mom and dad are not only a great mother and father, but they are both wonderful and beautiful people, inside and out.

Now that I’m finally reaching a level of maturity (well, at least I like to think I’m getting more mature at 27,) I appreciate my parents even more. I recognize that not every child is raised in a family who is dedicated to bringing them with great standards, a high quality life, and enough love to fill the whole wide world. I can earnestly say both of my parents have provided this for me and I’ll be forever grateful. I only hope that I can love my children as much as my parents have loved me.

Understanding how important a mother and father’s love for a child has helped me realize just how important it is for a family to raise their children with love, respect, and joy. Many times how a child is treated when they are younger reflects how they will think of themselves for the rest of their life. There are absolutely exceptions and some children who are not fortunate enough to have a good relationship with their parents still thrive. They may never look back at what they had to endure: a horrible divorce, abusive relationships, or domestic violence in their family. Instead they may choose to take a step forward and become something that their parents were not, a role model and kind parent to their children or to the future generations.

As our world continues to evolve and morals and standards try to change, it’s important to remember what is important to you and lean on God to point you in the right direction. I’m not a parent yet but if I ever get the chance to be one I want to install great morals into my children’s upbringing and also give them love and appreciation for whom they are. Even though the world may be saying something is right even though it is morally wrong – I will let my children know when I disagree with a worldly opinion but will still give them the ability to choose what they believe in.

I appreciate that my parents took the time to raise me with the knowledge of understanding the difference between right and wrong. More than anything, I’m glad that I have parents who care about me and take the time to genuinely care about others. I couldn’t be more thankful and today I believe that people in my generation have the ability to influence our youth and make a difference in the world. Standing up and fighting for a healthy and happy family will lead to wonderful people who desire to do the same.


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