Guest Post: God is My Father

God our Father

Editor’s Note: Marcelle joins us for a second time with another reflection on God our Father. Enjoy!

God is my Father! How many of us have considered the totality of depth and outcome of this phrase? How often have we pondered the personal meaning of this potent and immutable fact, especially as it relates to the living out of our daily lives? What does it mean, not just to us collectively but to you and me individually, that God the first Person of the Holy Trinity is Father? And for those who do not have access any more to their earthly fathers, what does the phrase “God is my Father” mean to you, in the deepest recesses of your hearts?

God the Father deeply desires to be our mighty Parent in the midst of the mundane details of our lives. He wants to participate actively on our behalf and yearns to enter into an intimate relationship with each of us individually, infusing His infinite love into the heart of our souls from the core of His Divine Heart, so that we can enjoy His Presence while still on earth – a foretaste of Heaven. The first Person of the Trinity has, in fact, always been first and foremost a Father in His divine intersubjectivity, because otherwise He would not have begotten His Son, Jesus Christ, from before time began. However, many of us throughout the years have remained distant from the Father, with many more being hesitant or afraid to approach Him directly, because we see Him primarily as the God of the Old Testament – the God who drowned the Egyptians in the Red Sea (Ex 14:1-31) and repeatedly destroyed the rest of Israel’s enemies whenever the Children of Israel obeyed Him – rather than the infinitely loving Father He really is.

Speaking experimentally, God the Father cannot help relating to us with love, gentleness, compassion, mercy, sweetness and tenderness when we open our hearts to Him as Father, turning to Him with all we have and for everything we need. That is why He is the Father. He even relates to us in this way and more when we wound Him. God being God, He is complex; rightfully so. But God is also simple and loves simplicity on our part in turn, because it opens up space for Him to manifest the fullness of His majesty. All the Eternal Father desires – all He has ever desired since creating Adam – is to be a welcomed Father to each one of us, able to let loose His Fatherliness and grace fully in our personal regard, without the restrictions we continue imposing upon Him through our free-will “no’s.” This is the deepest and as yet largely unfulfilled longing of His Divine Heart. We sadden Him when we fear Him untoward or neglect Him, because all our Father wants is to shower us with Himself, His Divine Light, in the heart of our souls, letting us feel the infinity, intensity and incomparability of His love. Let us not hesitate to approach Him, therefore, like little children with the words, “Father, I love You, I adore You. I want You to be my Father forever” on our lips and in our hearts. God the Father will consequently plunge us deeply into His bosom, His Divine Heart, because He cannot resist responding with immeasurable love, sweetness and tenderness to those who call Him “Father” with childlike love.


Marcelle Bartolo-Abela is an author of books on Catholic spirituality, with a focus on God the Father and the Divine Family. More of her writings can be found at The Divine Heart of God the Father.

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