Guest Post: Fidelity to the Father

Editor’s Note: Guest Blogger Marcelle continues her series on God the Father. Enjoy!

How many of us have made promises to God the Father but did not keep them, wounding His precious Heart deeply? How many of us made promises to Him than invented all kinds of rationalizations to break these promises? Every time we rationalize justifying the violation of our promises to our Father, our actions resemble those of giving someone close to us a costly gift, then showing up sooner or later saying, “Hey, you know what? I want my gift back because (insert rationalization).” In fact, if someone had to behave this way with us, we would not think twice to consider that person rude and disrespectful. We would also lose any trust reposed in them. But many of us do not hesitate to act this way with our Father, with regard to gifts we ‘give’ Him through our broken promises.

Promises, gifts given to Him, should never be recalled, no matter the personal inconvenience we may experience to keep them, except in exceptional circumstances. We need to be faithful to our word to the Father because He is faithful to us, otherwise we risk bringing down God’s displeasure upon ourselves and others. We disappoint Him when we do not keep our word to Him. Joining our will to our Father’s Will is about fidelity – real fidelity in our individualized and commoditized day and age. It is faithfulness to our promises, our gifts, in the context of situational difficulties which mark us out as true children of the Father, for only by fidelity in the union of wills can we fulfill the commandment: “You shall love the Lord your God with your whole heart and with your whole soul and with your whole mind” (Mt 22:37).

Meanwhile, the beauty of living in the Father’s Will is that we experience unbelievable freedom from the imprisoning chains of ourselves, when we decide with seriousness to exchange our will for His. This kind of liberty becomes the norm as we incorporate into ourselves the freedom of God, since nothing greater exists which is emancipating in its perfection. Everything the Most High has becomes ours while everything we have becomes His, in an ever-growing circular relationship of intimacy and love.

For the above to happen, though, we need to set aside our egos, to contribute actively and wholeheartedly to the child-Father relationship. We cannot sit back and expect this relationship to develop on its own, or to wait for others, including our Father, to do our work for us. That is not how things work. We would be fooling ourselves if we think this is the case, because we would not grow spiritually. Therefore, when we decide to welcome the Eternal One’s Will into our hearts, we must open up space for Him without reservation so He can operate with fullness in us, leading us to start living from now in a foretaste of Heaven.


Marcelle Bartolo-Abela is an author of books on Catholic spirituality. More of her writings can be found at Reflections for the Soul.


  1. How thought provoking, convicting and yet also beautiful. I have made empty promises to the Lord many times I’m afraid. I’m just so thankful that God is so full of grace and mercy that He allows us to try again and again.
    Beautiful writing!

    • SimpleCatholic says

      Unfortunately, I have done the same, but like you, I am so grateful that God is always ready to give us another chance!

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