Guest Post: 5 Things to Know Before Homeschooling

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Editor’s Note: Here’s a guest post by Jenny Ellis, a reader of Simple Catholic Living and freelance writer.

You may be toying with the idea that you want to homeschool your child. Before you start these next adventures, be sure you consider the following so that you are prepared:

Rules: Homeschooling is legal in the United States; however, each state has different homeschooling laws. It is important to know and comply with the laws of your state. You should know the requirements for grade reporting, testing, attendance records, access to public schools and curriculum levels. You can find the laws for your state online or you can check with your local homeschool organization.

Patience: It is very important that you realize how much effort homeschooling will take from you. It is a rewarding educational choice but it can be very overwhelming at times if you are not prepared. Lesson plans, grading and your child’s attention span are things you should consider before you start teaching. Patience is a great virtue, especially in homeschooling!

Needs: When considering homeschool, there are things that you will need to teach at home, such as a curriculum, notebooks, etc. It is not necessary to set up a traditional classroom setting, but it is important that your child has a place for learning. Overlapping living spaces can make it difficult for children to adjust to when it is time for learning or time for playing.

Cost: Homeschooling can be expensive but most parents who currently homeschool say the outcome of home education outweighs the expense. Depending on what you plan on doing for your child, such as the textbooks and supplies you will be using, will affect your cost. Extracurricular activities, supplies and field trips are other costs you may not at first account for. Parents may also have to move down to single income and not two. The best thing to do is to research and do your homework on the potential costs of homeschooling your child.

Socializing: Socializing your child is often a concern for those who are considering homeschooling. Socializing with other children teaches your child to cooperate, play and work with others. Just because your child is not in a typical school setting where they share class, lunch and recess with other children doesn’t mean they won’t get a chance to socialize. There are plenty of other families that homeschool their children. Look in your area for local homeschool groups. Play dates are often set up for families. Also consider enrolling your child in team sports and other extracurricular activities.

Homeschooling can be a fantastic way for you and your child to learn together. It is a wonderful experience to educate your child the way you see is best for them. But remember, it takes hard work and effort o your part; do you homework and research before you get started! Good luck and have fun teaching!

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  1. Very good points. I helped a friend home school her four girls when she was recovering an eye operation. It took an enormous amount of energy even though the girls were good at independent study. I will be homeschooling a neighbor’s kids in Latin shortly and I hope I have the necessary energy to do it.
    Barb Schoeneberger…recently posted…Sunday Snippets – A Catholic CarnivalMy Profile

    • SimpleCatholic says

      It is hard work, but I wouldn’t exchange one second of of homeschooling for anything in the world.

      I do wish I lived closer to you. I’d love to have your help in schooling my son in Latin!

  2. It’s great to go through all these points. They are quite important and useful too. Thanks for sharing.
    Ashley…recently posted…Worried about your grades? Online K-12 Courses can helpMy Profile

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