Weekly Goals

Set Goals

I only had two goals last week:

1. Work on both analytical papers for both my classes (One for the Intro to Lit class, and one for The Short Story).

2. Get those thank-you cards written and in the mail.

This week I get back into regular goal setting with my usual 8-10 goals:

Spiritual Goals

1. Daily mass and meditation, and rosary.

2. Memorize Psalm 62:2-3 (“My soul rests in God alone, from whom comes my salvation. God alone is my rock and salvation, my secure height; I shall never fall.”)

Family/Mothering Goals

3. Write love note for Michael and hide it in his work bag.

4. Read at least 3 books and two chapters from the Bible to Andrew. (Haven’t decided which books yet.)

Personal Development

5. Get ready and go (on Friday) to the Apple Blossom Wine Festival in Virginia with a friend of mine. Having a “girl’s only” weekend with two of my dear friends that’s I’ve known since High School. I am so looking forward to this!

6. Exercise on treadmill for 30 minutes, stretch for 10 minutes.

7. Finish and turn in the short analysis paper for my Short Story class. Complete assignment and quiz for Intro to Lit class.

8. Drink at least 4 glasses of water a day. (I am terrible as much water as I should, so I’m working my way up.)

Blogging goals

9. Plan posts and writing schedule for the month of May. (Trying to get ahead on this!)

10. Continue reading “Past Suspicion” and write book review.

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What are your goals for this week? Feel free to share them here or head over to Money Saving Mom for more goal setting ideas. Also linked to Top Ten Tuesday.

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