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Slowly getting in to a new routine but at least I’m getting there. Here’s how I did last week:

1. Pray the rosary each day.

2. Get up by 6:30 each morning.

3. Get started with the reading assignments and work for classes. (One of my classes is Christian Tradition so I will be doing bible reading for the class; therefore, I’m taking the bible reading off my list.)

4. Find a sitter for Andrew. (My babysitter for while I’m at school on Tuesdays had to back out last minute.) (Still working on this for a permanent sitter but at least my mother-in-law can take him this Tuesday and my mom will take him next Tuesday.)

5. Blog at least twice this week.

6. Finally, If I can swing it, I want to create and list one item for Etsy. (Didn’t happen. It is taking me a while to get my newest project done because it contains a lot of info. I’ll be so excited when it is done though, because I think it will help a lot of people!)

Here’s are my short goals for this week.

1. Pray the rosary each day.

2. Get up by 6:30 am each morning.

3. Keep up with the readings and assignments for my classes. (Still waiting on one of the books I need for a class, so I will have to do some major catch-up when it comes in!)

4. Blog at least three times this week.

5. Find a permanent babysitter for Andrew.

6. Keep Andrew on track with his home school.

7. Read and review the Catholic Update guide to Mary (affiliate link). It’s a small booklet so I’m hoping I can fit it in between reading for class.

What are your plans for this week? Let us know in the comments or head over to Money Saving Mom and share them with us!

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