Goals for 2016

Like many others, I have spend some time last week reflecting on how I did with my 2015 goals and planning for the new year. I didn’t do too bad with my goals last year; however, finishing up school sucked up most of my time and energy that most of the goals were put aside. Thankfully, I graduated in May (with high honors!) and took a much needed break.

One big thing that I was able to do was self-publish a prayer journal, Catholic Prayer Journal for Women. It was quite a learning experience and I plan to do more (see below).

Goals for 2016

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In any case, for 2016, I am streamlining my goal setting and keeping them (hopefully!) short and actionable. Here they are:

Marriage Goals

  • Have a date night with Michael at least once a month
  • Read one book on marriage per month
  • Write Michael a love note at least once a month

Motherhood Goals

  • Read at least one book to Andrew per month (Now that he is reading so well on his own, this is falling by the wayside and I don’t want to let that happen anymore.)
  • Write Andrew a love note at least once per month (hat tip to Crystal Paine for the idea)

Personal Goals

  • Exercise/stretch at least 3 times per week
  • Do one bible study a month

Business Goals

  • Officially launch my self-publishing company
  • Create/Write one journal or book per month
  • Write 3 blog posts per week
  • Do daily “Mercy Moment” Periscope, Monday through Friday (more on that soon)

Financial Goals

  • Save at least $10 per month
  • Create a monthly budget with Michael and stick with it!

That’s it. My biggest goal is to be consistent in following these goals! On Wednesday, I will share my three words for 2016. Now its your turn. What are your goals for 2016? I’d love to know so please do share in the comments!


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