2018 Goals – February Update

After a year hiatus, I am back to making goals. For the added accountability, and hopefully to inspire you with your own goals, I am posting them here with monthly updates. 🙂

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In that vein, here is my update for February:


1. Read at least one chapter of the Bible each day (On track with this. Just finished Exodus and about to begin Leviticus.)

2. Cut out sugar and dairy for at least 8 weeks (fast Wednesdays & Fridays) (The 8 weeks are over, but now that it is Lent, I am continuing with this. Doing well but cheating on the weekends.)

3. Read one personal book per month (fiction, self-help, spiritual, etc.) (On track with this. Read People can’t Drive You Crazy if You don’t Give Them the Keys by Mike Bechtle.)


4. Go on one date with Michael per month (Thanks to St. Valentine’s Day, we got TWO dates this month. 🙂 )

5. Send Michael (and Andrew) at least one love/text note per week. (On track with this.)


6. Read one book out loud to Andrew per month (On track this month. We read the Explorer – will come back with author – and it was excellent.)

7. Go on a family vacation (Have been discussing this with Michael working out the details and plan.)

8. Pray with Andrew daily (daily devotional book before or after school) (Done in February.)


9. Rebuild emergency fund ($1,000) (Started, finally, but very low.)

10. Save at least $10 per week (Done for February. We were actually able to save a little more most weeks this month.)


11. Launch two courses/programs this year (Still working out the details for these.)

12. Do at least 2 FB lives per month (aiming for weekly!) (For the last three weeks I have done two Facebook Lives per week, so definitely on track this month.)

Have you made any goals for 2018? If so, do share in the comments! I would love to support and encourage you in any way I can! How are you doing with your goals? Do share!

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