Our Catholic Traditions: Devotion to the Holy Childhood of Jesus

Infant of Prague(Photo Credit)

One of the things I’d like to do this year is grow in my understanding and appreciation for the many traditions (with both the “big T” and “little t”) that are held dear in our Catholic Faith. I know for myself, I can take for granted all riches and graces and beauty of our faith. So in that vein, I will be exploring many of the monthly and/or weekly traditional devotions held within the church and sharing them with you. May we together make 2012 a year of growth in our faith and holiness.

The first tradition that I recently discovered is that January has always been dedicated to the Holy Childhood of Jesus. It was a surprise to learn that this devotion dates back to the 300’s AD – and even earlier.

I confess that I never had any particular devotion to the Childhood of Jesus; but, I do remember my Aunt Pat giving me a statue of the Infant of Prague. She always said that if I kept a dollar bill under the statue I’d always have money. (Is that because there’s always a dollar under the statue or because the Lord is watching over me, or a little bit of both?!)

As I searched for information about this devotion to the Holy Childhood, I didn’t find tons; but, if you’d like to explore the history and practices of devotion to the Childhood of Jesus (and the Infant of Prague), you can check out the sites here, here and here.

I also found a prayer that I am going to begin on Friday as a novena. If you would like to join me, here it is:

O Jesus, Prince of Peace and King of the Universe, you chose to humble yourself and come into the world, not as a powerful ruler, but as a helpless infant; grant us the grace of humility and gentleness before you and our brothers and sisters. Grant, too, O Lord, that we may always strive to achive the virtue and innocence of your own Holy Childhood. Instill in us a growing faith you, O Lord, and the strength to resist temptation in a world which so widely rejects you. Look upon us with compassion and forgive us our sins. Fill our hearts with kindness and understanding, especially for children, the aged and those we dislike or who dislike us.

O Jesus, who so loved children that you admonished us, “Unless you become like little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven,” grant us a child-like faith and purity of heart. Give us the grace not only to pray fervently, but to help spread your Gospel by deed as well as word. Amen. (from Franciscan Mission Associates pamphlet)

(Found the prayer here.)

Linked to Saints and Scripture Sunday.


  1. The Gospels are so sketchy on so many details. Our modern aesthetic is to get the story, and I think that is why ppl gravitate toward the gnostic gospels–not b/c of a belief that they are real, but just to satisfy that desire to fill in the gaps with a what-if, a picture of what might have been. It’s also why I’ve enjoyed Anne Rice’s depiction in the Christ the Lord books.
    Kathleen Basi…recently posted…Sunday SnippetsMy Profile

  2. This year I’ll be meditating more on the Holy Family, thinking about how they lived together, practiced virtue, etc. I’ll be placing myself in their home in Nazareth as part of the Holy Family. I don’t know why I’m attracted to this aspect of their lives on earth at this time of my life, but I’m sure God will let me in on His reasons in due time. I’m looking forward to what you’ll be writing this year on various traditions.

    • SimpleCatholic says

      That sounds like a wonderful plan, Barb. It’s interesting how God will put something in our hearts at what we think to be a “strange time”. I’m sure He has tons of graces waiting for you!

  3. Your story about your Infant of Prague story makes me giggle. I’m off to learn more.

    We could be professional students, and still never learn all of the fantastic things about our Church.

    Have a marvelous week …. and thanks for stopping by and spreading the word!


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